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Tips to Have a Pumpkin Face of Your Choice


Most amazing part that you are going to enjoy is painting Pumpkin Faces. Faces can be painted to make them goofy as well as scary to delight others.

Pumpkin Faces Tips

Following are some simple and easy tips to have a pumpkin of your choice:

Selection of Pumpkin

Choose the one which has smooth surface for a perfect pumpkin face. The pumpkins with bruises and cuts won’t be able to make the best face. Select those pumpkins which have sturdy stems. The ones with flexible and bendable stems are not the right choice. To check if the pumpkin is ripe or not, knock the surface of pumpkin, if you feel it hollow inside that means it is the right one for you.

Size of Pumpkin

Choose large size pumpkin as you can elaborate the art of pumpkin well on huge size by defining the cuts well enough. If you are making pumpkin faces with pen highlighter or permanent marker you may also select small size pumpkin as they are better to draw.

Pumpkin Face for Halloween

If you are specifically making a pumpkin on face for an occasion like Halloween then buy a pumpkin which can live for at least one week. The most ripen pumpkin would get rotten in few days so be tricky while selection of your pumpkin.

Pumpkin Face for Halloween


If you are making pumpkin on your face for first time choose the easiest and the simplest face by just carving round eyes , nose and mouth on your pumpkin. This style of pumpkin carving is most popular and is known as jack-o-lantern.



You may also choose to carve any picture taken from a magazine. Usually at Halloween, people love to carve ghosts’ faces on their pumpkin. These carvings of pumpkin faces fit well with the theme of Halloween.

Carve on Pith of Pumpkin

If you plan to carve pumpkin for day time it is not necessary that you carve to the gourd of the pumpkin. You can use a simple knife just for scratching and carving on the pith of the pumpkin. Such pumpkins also give a very intriguing feel.

Pumpkin Teeths

Draft Pumpkin Face First Before Carving

Before you start your carving, do not forget to make a draft on pumpkin surface with the help of pencil or pen.

Serrated Knife for Carving

Use a serrated knife for carving a pumpkin. You will be able to define small complexities easily with the help of such knife.

A Great Tip for Perfect Cutting

If you are not able to cut the design in the first attempt you can move the blade or knife around again on the same position. After that, push the knife or blade deeply so that the selected section is removed easily.

Most Awesome Pumpkin Carvings

Big Pumpkin Tree

Pumpkin Carving - 5

Pumpkin Cat

Mummy Pumpkin

Pumpkin Carving - 4

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpking Carving - 2

Pumpkin Carving - 3

Pumpkin Brain

Ubuntu Pumpkin

Pumpkin Face

Pumpkin Face

Pumpkin Obama

Pumpkin Face - 3

Pumpkin Cat

  • Tips to Have a Pumpkin Face of Your Choice
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