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Retro Titles as Popular as Ever


Video games have been around for decades and with the evolution of technology they get better and better. You would assume that old games disappear into history, to be remembered in a nostalgic way, but left to their time in the past. This is far from the case though.

Retro gaming is living strong, you only have to check more with no deposit bingo and see  that these types of games  are still being a force in the gaming community. Whether it is looking back to older titles to “speedrun”, playing games that you loved in the past, or games that you just never stopped playing they are available and reign supreme. With that in mind, here are a few that hold pride of place in gaming history.

Donkey Kong

This is the game that arguably started off the success of Super Mario Brothers, and while the giant ape could have been forgotten in the past, he has continued to be a superstar of gaming. He has a whole selection of new games based on his character, and even has a whole family that come to his aid, but the original is still the best.

There is something about jumping over the barrels he throws down at you, and defeating his nefarious plans. There are even movies about the obsession with the character. Just like Mario or Sonic, Donkey Kong is an iconic character.

Retro Online Slot Machines

Even before video games the slot machines were popular. The simple gamble of matching three shapes is a simple game that has led to many offshoots. With the game adapting to become online slots, the slot machines are now more complicated and adventurous but the main concept still remains strong. Slot machines are going nowhere, and I think we are all okay with that.


If anybody could fight Donkey Kong for dominance of retro gaming it is Pac-Man. Coming out in 1980 this game is even older than a lot of its fans. Much like Donkey Kong Pac-Man has seen many updates, and has his own family of characters, and he even appeared in a major Hollywood movie.

Retro gaming is going strong and with many games adding to the retro list all the time, more and more historical games are becoming available. Based on the history of games, retro gaming is going nowhere.

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