Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini or HTC One Mini, which is best?

In android market, Samsung and HTC are big names and they have launched Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One respectively. Now Samsung has launched Galaxy S4 mini and HTC One mini is about to release. Both mobiles are flagship versions and have great and superb hardware and performance. What do you think, which phone is better one? Let have a look on following points to decide.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini VS HTC One mini

Making Structure:

HTC one mini is made with aluminum and plastic so that it have more attractive look whereas Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is made of plastic mostly but it is comfortable to hold. HTC flagship looked attractive but Samsung flagship has lower weight and thickness. HTC give its phone with weight and thickness of 122g and 9.25mm but Samsung give their mobile with 107g and 8.94mm. So here some attraction comes from Galaxy S4 mini.

Processor and RAM:

HTC One mini has 1.4 GHz dual core processor (Snapdragon 400) and its RAM is 1GB. Samsung has also same chipset of Snapdragon 400 but it has 1.7 GHz clock speed for processing. RAM is 1.5GB for S4 mini. So this thing made Samsung Galaxy S4 mini effective on HTC one mini.

Display, Storage and Battery:

HTC and Samsung mini flagships have same screen size that is 4.3 inch but there is some difference in pixel density and resolution. HTC one mini has resolution and pixel density of “1280 by 720” pixels and pixel density of 341ppi but Galaxy S4 mini has “960 x 540” pixels and 256ppi. Besides this, Samsung has storage of 8GB but HTC support 16GB of internal storage. HTC One mini has not SD card slots to expand memory. Samsung gives 1900 mAh battery that is bigger than HTC’s 1800 mAh.

HTC One mini is coming

OS and Camera:

Both brands have same android version which is “Android 4.2.2” Jelly Bean and this is latest android operating system now. There are some additional features like HTC sense 5 and Samsung apps which enable you enjoy android more amazingly.  Besides this, Samsung Galaxy S4 mini has 8MP primary camera and its secondary camera is 1.9 MP. Both cameras are better than HTC One’s 4.1 ultra pixel and 1.6 front facing cameras.  Application support is available for cameras of both devices.


Both of devices comes with 4G LTE technology that is a big news for people and this function enables you to get fast date whole day. Samsung support fully connectivity features but HTC has neglect some points like NFC etc. So you can say here that Samsung Galaxy S4 has better connectivity than HTC One mini.

Small and superb Phones:

Mini flagships have arrived with great hardware and in affordable price rang. These enable low budget people to use a good and HD Smartphone. Both mobiles have beautiful body shape and amazing look with good hardware.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini launched

So what do you think that which phone is better than other. These mobiles are for those people who can’t use Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One due to their size or price. These are alternates of SGS4 and HTC’s One. Both mini devices have good performance. If HTC one mini has good display and storage than Samsung Galaxy S4 mini has better hardware and SD card slot. You should select S4 mini if you need better performance and big storage.

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