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Save the G5’s Modular Design from Scratches


Life isn’t perfect. It’s messy and accidents happen all the time. A wise person will anticipate this and make smart choices in order to protect themselves from life’s little snafus. There’s a reason why people buy life, health, and auto insurance. But those aren’t the only things in life that need a little protection. Even the small things need some sort of buffer between them and world’s worst. It goes without saying one of these things is your LG smartphone. This expensive piece of hardware contains your whole life. From calendars to contacts and everything in between, it’s an important gadget that you can’t afford to damage.


Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars in order to keep your LG G5 safe. You already dropped some serious cash when you got the G5. (Depending on the carrier and mobile plan, it can push $800). Do you really need to spend another hundred just to preserve the phone in mint condition? The answer is no. You can keep your money where you want it by opting for an affordable yet no less protective vinyl skin. For less than $20 you can own an LG G5 skin that will save your phone from scratches, scrapes, scuffs, and grime. Now that’s an investment anyone can afford.

Maybe you’re more confused as to what a skin is all together. A skin is exactly how it sounds. Just as your own body has layers upon layers of tissue that protect your muscles and internal organs, a vinyl skin is a material that lies over and guards the fragile hardware of the LG. Like your own skin, a LG G5 skin sits snugly, with a fit so close that it ensures complete coverage.

When it comes to the G5, precision is a priority. This isn’t just to guarantee there isn’t a seam or flap revealing the body of the cell. It’s to ensure that the device is still fully functional. With a modular design, this particular device has a swappable base that allows its user to remove the battery and install new expansion packs. Your chosen skin has to follow this design. After all, if the vinyl encases the entire mobile in one piece, you won’t be able pop off the bottom and switch out modules.

That’s why it’s important to find engineers like those at dbrand who create skins in multiple pieces that accommodate this moving bottom. Check out dbrand.com/shop/lg-g5-skins and you’ll see that theirs come in 4 distinct pieces, all of which are measured within the micro-millimetre of the smartphone’s blueprints. It’s factory-fitted protection that doesn’t interfere with any of the device’s signature features.

Now you might be asking yourself how something as modest as vinyl could protect the highly innovative G5. Though a relatively humble material, vinyl is flexible and durable. That means it can withstand sharp edges, corners, and objects that would normally scrape or gouge pieces out of electronics. It’s also textured to provide better grip and water resistance, saving your everything from accidental falls and slips. The coolest feature, however, is its customization. You can trick out your vinyl in so many different colours and textures, making a popular black rectangle into something completely unique.

Remember that nearly 33% of all cellphone owners will break or lose their phones at one point. A one in three chances isn’t something to gamble on, considering the cost of your phone. A surer bet is outfitting your gadget in an LG G5 skin and save it from all the messy things that can happen in life.

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