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30+ Shoe Care Tips and Stylish Collection of Sandals

Ladies Sandals are foot wears for girls which consist of a sole with different stripes on it for holding it in foot. Sole is made from the rubber, leather, wood, rope. A narrow thong is used to be held by foot finger .A sandal may have heel or not depends on situation .If it have heel it can be high heels or low heels. There are many reason why some ladies wear sandals they are economical because from industry point of view they are easy to construct so they are cheap, they provide comfort in warm weather and some people use them as a fashion style. Now most of people talk about life time of shoes so there are some suggestion for. Women shoes is also become a fashion.Every one want comfortable shoes.

Avoid Extreme Heat Exposed: Stylish Sandal

The sandals you got if they have a cork sole or EVA soles then they can be damaged by extremely gaining heat so follow following tips.

  • Never leave your shoes in a direct sun light.
  • Never keep your shoes in car during warm or summer days.
  • If your footwear are wet do not place it in a direct sunlight allow them to dry in air.


Use of Leather Plolish: Black Flat Sandal

  • Always shoes matching polish to clear your shoes
  • Use leather cleaner to clean all dust inside it.
  • Never use water to clean your shoes
  • If whether is dusty do not clean your shoe with polish if you are going on a dusty place just use a dry cloth.

Black Flat Sandal

Cleaning the Sole: Red Attractive Sandal

  • Use foot bed cleaners to clean soles. You can purchase shoe care kits to prolong shoe life time.
  • Recommended to use Birkenstock Deluxe Shoe Care Kits for sole cleanings.
  • There are some special formulas inside these kits which not only removes the odors but also remove dirt, germs by penetrating into the sole. It spreads inside the shoe and make fresh feeling as if it was new.
  • Now be careful while purchasing kit check if its matching to your shoes color. Use color codes to purchase kits and if you do not do this if there is a slightly difference in color shades then you shoe color may change.
  • After polishing your shoe remember to make them dry otherwise polish color can damage skin.


Red Attractive Sandal


Shoes Repairing Tips & Importance: Bamboo Sandal For girls

  •  If you are a responsible person then you can take care of your shoes.
  • Repair shoes is very important for recycling. You can save money, time and environment.
  • So it reduces landfills and there are many advantages.
  • If shoe sole is somehow cracked replace them and use extenders behind it to prolong its life.
  • Replace all buckles, stripes and holds.
  • Replace foot bottoms and try to use foam in the foot bottom to feel comfort.
  • Leather sandals can be resoled so do not worry about this.

Bamboo Sandal For girls

Do not Sink in Water: Grace Full Sandal For Girls

  • Never immerse your shoe in water.
  • Actually the gum inside it through which its part are stick together is damaged due to water.
  • Leather shoes become hard &  brittle due to water and all glue is mixed with water.
  • On beaches side never expose your shoes to salt water which is corrosive so shoes are rinsed whenever exposed like this.




Grace Full Sandal For Girls


Use Shoe Care Products: Essential Summer Shoes

Nubuk Block:              It removes stains and it used for reconditioning.

Cork Life :                      As the name indicates this product is used for sole protection and to achieve the useful cork life.

Leather Spray :          Use leather spray to give it a shinny look. It cleans dirt,cares and protect all kinds of leather sandals and shoes.

Leather Shampoo:  Leather shampoo is used for suede shoes.


Essential Summer Shoes

Breaking Your Footsteps: Flower Sandal

  • When you wear new shows you have to adjust your footsteps as new shows may introduce new movements.
  • If you feel uncomfortable in your feet and legs then try to use it roughly to make shoes flexible.
  • Foot Beds are adjusted according to your weight and walking so do not worry if your foot beds are hard a little at start.
  • If floor beds are too hard try to purchase shoe with soft bottom or replace the foot bed.

Flower Sandal




Dry Your Shoes After Use: High Heel Sandal

  • After using shoes in winter areas or rainy season always dry you shoes with a drier or air.
  • This keeps the shoe protected from bacteria which make small holes in cork.
  • Use powder or deodorizing sprays to keep the odor away from the shoe.

High Heel Sandal


Pulling The Insoles Out: Pink Zip Sandal

  • Good way to dry your shoes is to pull out the inside foot beds and separate the the sole from the shoe if it can unattached. 
  • This will allow the air to circulate over the different part of wet shoes and it also speeds up  the drying process.
  • There is another process by which you can speed up the drying process that is keep your shoes off the floor into some rack so that gravity pulls the water downward or keep your shoes tilted this also increases speed.

Pink Zip Sandal


After Run Remove Rocks and Mud: Latest Fashion Mix Colors

  • First Clean your shoe with a dry cloth and by using a simple brush remove all the mud from the shoe from all sides.
  • If there is any layer of moisture mixed with mud also remove it completely.
  • When you remove this dirt all bacteria is also removed from your shoes this prolongs the shoe life.
  • Remember to do this after running because if do not do this then dirt will remain in the shoe and all bacteria will eats all off your shoe.

Latest Fashion Mix Colors


Tip for Sopping Wet Shoes: White High Bamboo Sandal

  • Don’t always shoes same pair of shoe for running or walking or any kind of activity. You should have 2 or 3 pair of shoe and keep them changing turn by turn according to routine.
  • You shoe always get wet whether its winter or summer because of  sweat in the foot due which bad odor is produced sometimes.
  • The way you change your shoe is termed as rotating. Rotating your shoe prolongs life and its stuff is not spoiled.
  • Now for Sopping wet shoes place your shoes in front of fan but do not sit near it as they can produce bad odor.

White High Bamboo Sandal

Shoe Labeling to Avoid Mixing: Black Stylish Sandal

  • If you are addicted to use same shoes of same color with different pair and you are also applying rotating method then i would suggest you to label your shoes so that you complete rotating process effectively.
  • You can label by using a board marker by marking it or you can use any of your desired method it is not important how you label it.

Black Stylish Sandal

How to Select Best Shoe for You: Step High Heel Sandal

  • Never purchase shoe in the morning as in the morning you are fresh. In morning you are not tired so when you wear and try shoe at morning it feels comfort but if you check the same shoe in the evening or at night at that time you are tired. This is the time when you can decide whether your shoe is comfortable or not so i will suggest you to shop at evening.
  • Also bring your socks with you in which your are comfortable do not try shop socks always try your own.

Step High Heel Sandal

First Clean Then Polish: Stylish High Heel With Step

  • First complete remove dirt using smooth cloth.
  • Using dry Shoe brush clean all shoe to remove dirt dirt completely.
  • Now you can apply polish and remember to give shiny look after polish use it without applying extra force.

women shoes

Interesting Tips and Tricks: Black Sandal 

  • Always rotate your shoes with another pair of shoes.
  • Always when you have new shoes protect them from the dust.
  • If your shoes get wet always allow them to get dry before wearing drying tips are listed above.
  • When you travel and you need more shoes then always use a box to place shoes inside never place shoes inside naked shoping bag.

women shoes


Nubuck And Suede Shoes Attention: Silver High Heel Step Sandal

  • These kind of shoes always need special attention so always try to clean and waterproof them regularly other suede materila can be damaged.
  • If your Suede shoes get wet clean it with a white clean paper to absorb moisture.
  • Always dry your shoes naturally never expose shoes to sun light.

women shoes

Leather Shoe Tips: Caterpillar Volatile Sandal

  • Always use kiwi shoe brushes and polish when leather shoes are maintained.
  • Remove your Shoe Lases before starting polish especially when your lases are white and shoes are black.
  • You can use liquid polish as well.

women shoes


Foot Weak Fitting Tips: Black Open High Heel

  • Use of right kind of socks is important regarding sandal fittings. Use appropriate socks which are compatible with the shoes. Always use thin nylons while trying sandals.
  • Try To Purchase sandal at night because at night  feet are swollen.
  • While trying sandals you should wear both sandals and must do a little walk judge fitting.


women shoes


Preventing Foot Problems: Golden Stylish Sandal

  • Your foot should be good if you want to feel comfort in any kind of shoe weather its a sandal or running shoe.
  • You should consult primary care doctors.


women shoes

Cloth Shoe Protection: Cloth Step Sandal

  • The stylish shoe below is partially includes clothes these kinds of shoe are mostly used by celebrities.
  • To protect these shoes you should be aware of that you tied all clothing material to your feet. These hanging cloth must be not come below your shoe. If you will not follow instruction these clothing material can be damaged and you may also get hurt.
  • I would suggest do not use these kinds of shoes normally if you don’t have experience of using these sandals.

women shoes

Single Use Footwear : Designed Flower Heel

  • Some use are not long lasting like the one shown in the below picture. This is because the materials , fake diamonds and shiny rocks use here are stick to shoe using glue these diamonds loosen up as time passes and their life is too small.
  • If these kinds of shoes are immersed in water then shoes are completely spoiled.

women shoes

Suede Shoes Example: Black Winter Shoes

  • Since in the whole article we were talking about suede shoe. You can see the black shiny, smooth stuff of  this shoe with pretty diamonds on it.  
  • Do not worry about the diamonds on it if they loosen up leave them as it is. When these diamonds leaves the shoe they will look more good.
  • Just do not leave them in water these are very good.

women shoes


Casual Shoe For Hard and Women:Flat Stylish Sandal

  • This is an example of flat sandals and these kinds of shoe are worn by tall and hard women.
  • If you are very soft and you do not like walking then do not use these.

women shoes

Finally Black Wellwet Shoe: Black Coat Shoes

  • This is very attractive and rock diamond made shoe and usually this is for low height women.
  • Its very hard to wear as these are very high heels with congested bottom.
  • Do not use this shoe if you can not handle it.

women shoes

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