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"30+ Short Love Poems For Her That Will Make Her Cry"

30+ Short Love Poems For Her That Will Make Her Cry

Love is when you are together you are wishing it would never end cause you want to be by their side no matter what you can say anything not mean it at all say i am sorry and he wont care.you can wear your sloppiest clothes and he’ll say ”baby you look pretty to me.”you can be sick with a fever of 101 and he will be by your side taking care if you even if it means risking getting sick.when someone you loves passes away he doesn’t care how many times you call him since your miles away.even if you get jealous and angry your right there saying ”its gonna be ok” knowing the makeup and saying ”i am sorry” will make things right again you put up with him when hes beings a pain in the butt and same when you are.love never fails or give you pain…sweet heart..At times i cant find words enough to express how deeply i feel for you.but i want you to know that you hold a very special place in my heart..and with every passing day i am falling more and more in love with you….Be with the one that makes you happy,the one that makes you smile,the one that make you laugh,and each day worth while,live life for the moment,try hard to make it last,because life is so short,it goes by so fast,so when you find love,don’t let it slip away,hold it forever,and cherish it each day,as long as you are happy,that is what you should do,love that someone and let them know,before your life is through.

I Love You

I told you i would cause you stress,i told you i would cause you pain,i even told you the reason why i cry,out in the rain,i told you i love you,and you knew it true.


Love Poems


Help Me

Are you ok?..yeah..i am fine..I say this,but in the inside,i’m screaming no i’m not.I have lost my way and i don’t know if i will make it cut alive,i don’t knew why i feel like this..please help me..


Love Poems


Empty Arms

[sociallocker]My heart longs for you,my soul dies for you,my eyes cry for you,my empty arms reach out for you.

Love Poems

When I Feel Alone

[/sociallocker]I love you because i know you’re always there,there to catch me when i fall,there to listen when i need you,there when i feel alone.


Love Poems


 Feeling The Same Way

[sociallocker]”She wasnt exactly sure when it happened.or even when it started.all she knew for sure was that right here and now,she was falling hard and she could only pray that he was feeling the same way.”

Love Poems


[/sociallocker]Silence burns inside,thoughts are constant and kept inside,so far from others,disturbing for you..knowing who you are is who you’re never going to be,fight back,take a stand or not..the justice has never been found.look at yourself.nobody else is there to cry.

Love Poems

 To The Heavens

You tore my heart apart,you held it so tight,it bled from the outside.because of you i’m doing this,because of you it’s true,because of you this is occuring..because of you.i flew.

Love Poems

 For You My Love

you are my sun,my moon.you are my words,you are my tune.my earth,my sky,my sea.you are everything to me.you are my light in the darkness.you are my peace and happiness.my hope,my forever love.

Love Poems

An Argument

I’ve oft been told by learned friars,that wishing and the crime are one,and heaven punishes desires,as much as if the deed were done.i wishing damns us,you and i are damned to all our heart’s content,come ,then,at least we may enjoy,some pleasure for our punishment!

Love Poems

 Love Poem

There was a time i thought i could live on my own.but then i met the woman who has changed my opinion.she is the most wonderful girl for me,she has changed my life completely.i am not the same any more,everybody can see.i am the happiest man in the world,because i had the luck to.find my dream woman.with here i want to spend rest of my life.i am sure my feelings for here are true,honest,deep and pure.she has awakened my deepest inside,for her i could do anything.someday i want to have her as my bride.i promise that i will never leave her,and i will hold my word.i swear.

Love Poems

Let Here Catch You

She will chase you around for a while but there’s going to be a day when she’s gonna stop running incircles around you .she’s going to get over you and at that very moment you’re going to wish you had let her catch you.

Love Poems

How Can I Stop

Loving you is like breathing,how can i stop?

Love Poems

Hurts More Then

Nothing hurts more than realizing  he meant everything to you,but you meant nothing to him.

Love Poems

Love Is A Gentle Caring

Love is a gentle caring,a quiet concern,deeply hidden in the heart.a presence always felt everyday,every minute,every hour.love is a gentle embrace between body and soul.a quiet touch of the hand a soft hug by warm arms a caress of two soul.love is a great passion between hungry hearts.the intimate exchange between mind,body and soul.love is always caring always growing always being there.love is a wonderful gift shared by two blessed souls experiencing heaven on earth.

Love Poems

Love Poem

I wrote your name in the sky,but the wind blew it away.i wrote your name in the sand,but the waves washed it away.i wrote your name in my heart,and forever it will stay.

Love Poems

 I Do Send You

If kisses were raindrops,i’d send you showers.if hugs were seconds,i do  send you hours.if smiles were water,i’d send you the sea.if love was a person,i’d send you me.

Love Poems

Love Is Like A Rose

Love is fresh like a rose in a misty morning,only if you keep it pure and don’t leave it to die for too long,if you forget about it love dies and withers and is not a beautiful,when love dies you have nothing left to admire and follow from,love is like a rose…it can wither and live in a heartbeat if you left it.

Love Poems

I Will Only Love You

As long as you love me,i’ll stay by your side,i’ll be your companion,your friend and your guide.as long as you love me,as long as you care,i’ll do anything for you,i’ll go anywhere.i’ll bring you the sunshine,i’ll comfort your fears,i’ll gather up rainbows,to chase all your tears.as long as forever,my love will be true,for as long as you love me,i’ll only love you.

Love Poems

Broken Heart

You tell me that you love me.you tell me that you wont leave me.but you turn around and do it anyways.now i am crying my heart out.hoping you would hear me.but you just ignore my painful cry.each and everyday passes by.i fake a smile to the world.but underneith my smile,is my broken heart.all the good memories you give me.is all i left of you.but its slowly fading away.as time goes everyday.but will i get over you.

Love Poems

 You Are Mine For Real

I love you for giving your heart to me,and trusting me with your pride,i love you for wanting me,and needing me by your side,i love you for the emotions,i never knew i had,i love you for making me smile,whenever i feel sad.i love you for your thoughts of me,where i am always on your mind,i love you for finding that part of me,that i never thought i’d find.i love you for the way you are,and for how you make me feel,but most of all i love you,cuz you are mine for real.

Love Poems

 Time Was There

Time was there,when we were together,a time was there,when you were here,soon after some time,like a flip flop cart,you made on exit,an exit very smart,didn’t told me a reason,didn’t said me a bye,left me to think,only why why and why.

Love Poems

 I Promise

I promise,i will never leave you.a little voice of yours makes me feel alive.a little hug of yours makes me feel happy.a little care of yours makes me feel perfect.a little love of yours makes me feel complete and a little ignorance of your kills me inside.i find my reason for living in those moments which i have spent in your care with you.now whatever pain i get,i will never regret loving you.

Love Poems

It Hurts

The pain..it hurts.i wish i could say i am okay..but that would be a lie.i am too tired to even flirt.i struggle through each day..some day i just wish to to die. …i feel so alone at times.i feel like no one understands.i am so broken inside.i barely even make rhymes.i can barely control my hands.in my mask ..i am unable to hide..

Love Poems

 Just A Girl

I’m just a girl,i smile when i’m happy..i cry when i’m sad.. i need a hand when i feel lost..i need a shoulder when times get rough..i need someone to listen even when i’m silent..i need someone to read my mind when i can’t speak..i need someone to pick me up when i’m tired of walking.i need hope when i am tired of trying.i’m tough confident and smart.but i am just a girl..i need love.i need u

Love Poems

And Still Waiting

That moment when you hide yourself  from shadows of lies..cuz you can never look at your reflection in the sky.and still there’s still people.that wont not leave you alone to regret everything..and still waiting you to lost the one thing that is left yourself..

Love Poems

Only Of My Heart

The clouds,falling through the blackest oceans,can’t see or hear a sound,only of my heart thumping slower,sinking to no where but down.

Love Poems

Always Have Pain

You can walk away from me.you can leave me wild and carefree.you can  forget my name ,my face and my smile.you can.but this little girl will always have that pain.and will always love you.even if what is left for me are just cold memories for you and me.

Love Poems

In The Dungeon

In the dungeon.dungeon of sorrow.i hid myself.for there’s no tomorrow.in the dungeon.dungeon of  loneliness.i tried to live.but end up worthless..my love,will you come back.pull me away from here..cuz when you left.i lost my way.i lost myself.

Love Poems

I Wanted To Cry

You said goodbye..and i knew it that i will die.i wanted to cry.may be you will see my tears and give it one more try.but i never cried.hurt i felt in smile i lied..i didn’t hold your hand to stay.instead i let you walk away.i don’t want to beg for your pity.nor ask for your sympathy.if you love me you will stay.even i’m pushing you away.

Love Poems

 I Don’t Want To Cry

I’m hurt all the time.I don’t want to cry for the way i feel inside.I just want to someone hold me.i’m alone in the dark,please try to find me.if no one’s cares,I don’t see a point to go on.Anyone find me!anyone care!.I am sorry,i don’t want to be alone anymore.I feel unheard and unseen,Depressed and weak.No one cares and yet I’m always the sorry one.Someone find me i’m scared.Please hold me until it all ends.Just hold me that’s all i want.I don’t want to be alone in the dark.Just hold me as i start to disappear from the light.Just hold me as i start to cry.Just hold me so i wont be alone inside.Just hold me so i don’t do something wrong.Just hold me so tight,that for a moment i could feel the light.

Love Poems

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    30+ Short Love Poems For Her That Will Make Her Cry
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    its hard to fall in love with someone one time but when he brakes your heart and want it back it turns around and give me a heart attack I need love to love me

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    Letty Montanez

    I loved all these poems in fact some of them related to me i would like to read more like this i am all about poetry i love it and i love writing it i write poetry to control how i feel

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    not really 2 be honest

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    yeh same here i love the poems it sick also cool it stands out 2

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    i like the love poems<333

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    puzi puot

    its hard to love someone but she love someone else…

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    sri laya

    i like this poems..actually it is related to me most.i want to cry out.but i cant in my situation..i am just living with a fake smile.i am living to wait for him.i am waiting for u ram.i love u so much..plz cm bck.

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    tears can’t stop falling because those poems are the story of my life

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    I really like all The love poem, they are nice

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    i love u rose,can i get ur number so that we can chat.

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    kiztto alpha

    very many of them are interesting
    I appreciate

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