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Showcase of Awesome iPhone App Websites and 7 Tips for Creating Them


As iPhone is getting popular it’s apps are getting popular too, more and more developers are jumping in this field to make good money out of it. Developing good iPhone app is not the main thing, launching it is also very important. So, here i would like to share some useful tips for creating an awesome iPhone app website.

1. Show Your App in Action

If there is one important thing in common with almost every iPhone app website I have seen, it’s that they all show how their application looks inside an actual iPhone. There are plenty of free mockups of iPhones out there that you can use for free to save you the trouble of shooting a picture of an actual iPhone.

This will make it clear what your site is about, so don’t be afraid to have the iPhone mockup large and in charge on your home page. Just make sure it’s as close to how your app will look as possible.

2. Create a Killer Headline

Arguably the most important part of any site trying to sell something is the headline. A large headline is usually the first thing a viewer reads and it often decides whether or not they will hit the back button. A killer headline can skyrocket your sales and keep people on your site for much longer.

It should accurately describe what your app is about, what it can do for the user and why it’s better than the competition in just one great sentence. Try writing a few dozen versions and testing which work best. Its one of the few elements of a site you can change easily and see big improvements as a result.

3. List Features and Benefits

Features and benefits are your best friend. They are the most important copy next to your headline and should also be in a prominent location above the fold of your website, which means you should see them without scrolling. Separate features and benefits into two sections and use bullets to draw attention to them.

This works great for a lot of people who like to scan sites quickly for information. Don’t exaggerate your features and benefits. Be honest about what your app can do and why the user should buy it.

4. Have a Large Call to Action

Your end goal is going to be to get people to buy and download your app so you need a big download button! Make it clear and easy for users to download your app. If some one comes to your site they should be able to spot the download button within 3 seconds without any trouble.

Create a couple different variations and remember bold is better. Also be sure to use action phrases for the button text such as “download now”. Again, you should test the button and a simple way to do so is to have some friends view the site while you are in the room with them and tell them to point out the download button as soon as they can and record how long it takes them to find it.

5. Add Some Video

Nowadays video is king and sometimes it’s a lot easier to get your point across to a viewer by actually showing them your iPhone app in action. If you don’t want to be on camera find some one who is a natural on camera and a very good speaker.

While you can write a script for the person, a way to make it more natural and fun is to find some one who really loves your apps and knows it backwards and forward. Just remind them of a few key points to touch on and then just ask them to talk about your iPhone app and show what it can do live.

6. Go Social

If you want your app to be HUGE you need to play into how viral the web can be. Try out different viral marketing methods such as videos, images, content and always have lots of ways for people to share your website and content across social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and so on.

7. Keep it Simple

In the end, you are just selling an iPhone app! There is no reason to have a very complicated website with dozens of pages and all kinds of fancy features. Include the key stuff mentioned above in a simple layout and let your app do the rest of the work.

Take a look at other Iphone app sites to see what they are doing and then make yours better! Study what works and apply it to your site if you want to increase your chances of success.

Showcase of iPhone App Websites

















  • Showcase of Awesome iPhone App Websites and 7 Tips for Creating Them
    [See the full post at: Showcase of Awesome iPhone App Websites and 7 Tips for Creating Them]

  •  Dzinepress

    helping resources and tips.

  •  Jimmy

    Awesome Show Case of Iphone application. Impressive tips for the creating Iphone application website. Me is going to develop the Iphone application website and it will help me .

  •  Jayworld

    Very cool. Do you guys know any wordpress template that could help to present your app to the world?


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