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Six Ways to Reduce Your IT Costs


A company’s IT spending is usually one of the largest outlays it has and it can seem difficult to reduce the costs as so many things seem indispensable and inflexible. This isn’t the case for everything though and there are many ways to save money on your IT provisions and systems.

Reduce spending on personnel

Many companies simply employ too many IT people – they just seem to accumulate them as the needs of the company change and evolve and they often end up staying. Having all these experienced people is great, but it comes at a big price, especially if each person – on a full salary – is underworked. It’s always hard to let people go, so a good idea is to prevent this over-staffing in the first place by outsourcing. Companies looking for IT support in Manchester, for example, won’t be short of candidates, but by using an outsourcing service, they’ll be getting all that experience without paying lots of full- and part-time salaries.

Hire graduates whenever possible

Of course, you may still need some in-house IT people, so a good solution is to hire from a nearby college or university. Forge a good relationship with the institution and make a point of inviting interns once a year or so, hiring any who really show promise. You’ll be giving someone their first step on the career ladder and saving on the salary too.

Treat your employees well

Of course, this is something you’re already doing, but could you do more for your staff in the interest of retaining them? Do they feel valued? Do they feel their work has meaning? Have you given them a pay rise this year? Headhunting and hiring a new employee can cost two or three times that of a modest pay rise; it’s worth doing the maths and thinking about this…

Use cloud storage and hardware

You don’t need to add to your IT’s real estate by storing information and machines on-site. Try cloud storage and see how you get on. Similarly, you can use virtual servers.

Try open source software

Using open source software gets rid of the initial outlay and the annual maintenance fee that you may have to pay. It also means that you have access to the source code so you can modify it to your company’s needs. Having lots of mods made by lots of different developers and coders means also that the software can evolve faster than it would if it were developed by just the one provider.

Take your time with developing and coding

This is a softer, more long-term approach to saving money and its returns will wax and wane, but if you always take time and care over coding and development, you’ll avoid so-called technical debt. This sometimes happens when programmers feel rushed into completing a project and cut corners. More often than not, there ends up being flaws in the software that just end up costing more money down the line.

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