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Why Smartphone’s are Using Inbuilt Battery Instead of Removable Battery Nowadays?


Nowadays smartphones are being manufactured immensely to meet the growing demands of the consumers to own the latest handset. While we all have different priority specification, one of the vital things to be considered is the battery life of the smartphone. Nobody likes a phone whose battery drains away easily. Nobody even likes to carry a bulkier phone with a big battery. So, ultimately, knowingly or unknowingly users are concerned about the battery used in smartphones. There is an ongoing debate on which battery is better than the other, removable battery or an in-built one.

Removable battery has been quite popular since the invention of the mobile phones. Smart phones that are these days available in lucrative prices via Flipkart coupon code even started off using removable battery at the beginning. But gradually due to several benefits that in-built battery has in store for the users, smart phones companies started paying extra attention to this increased demand. While both have got their own set of advantages, smartphone companies prefer to use inbuilt battery. Let’s first understand what removable and in-built batteries are.

What is a removable battery?

Removable battery as the name suggests, can be taken out of the device. It is located in a completely different part of the phone and thus can be removed without any hassles whenever required. In case the battery doesn’t function properly, it is easy to change the battery without taking out or affecting any other vital parts of the phone.

What is an in-built battery?

An in-built battery is a non-removable battery that is attached with the smartphone and can’t be taken out by the users. The battery cannot be separated from the smartphone as the whole setup of the battery is made within the smart phone. In case there is any issue with the battery, the user need to take it to experts to get it corrected.

Why smartphones are using in-built battery?

There are multiple reasons as in why smart phone companies are manufacturing phones with in-built batteries. Here are a few of the vital reasons behind the usage:

  • Avoids breakage – There is hardly any or completely no chance of tampering any part of the battery. As the whole thing is attached within the phone, there is no possibility of any kind of damage. Even though smartphones makes the sturdiest battery, when the phone drops from hand or from somewhere else, there are chances that the battery might get affected. To ensure its safety from damage and breakage, in-built batteries are designed.
  • Slimmer look – Often removable batteries tend to be thicker than the phone, making the device seem bulkier. Users don’t like using such phones as that don’t look aesthetically good and not even feels comfortable to hold. As such phone manufacturers have come up with phones having in-built batteries which make the phone look slimmer and better. Inclusion of such batteries not only make the device light-weight to carry, butalso improves the look and feel of the device.
  • Avoids dirt – One of the essential factors of the non-removable batteries is that these do not accumulate any kind of dirt or dust. Users often complain of dirt and dustgetting accumulated at the corners of the battery through the gaps. But smart phones with in-built batteries having less number of gaps ultimately result in accumulation of no dirt or dust.
  • Lesser interior damage – When users are not able to remove the battery in and out, this is actually saving the battery from any interior damage. The internal sensitive parts of the smart phone such as the pins stay safe from any destruction or damage when the battery in irremovable. Better and less damaged interiors mean better functioning of the smart phone.
  • Traceable – A vital advantage of the in-built batteries is that smart phones coming up with such batteries can be traced easily.  So, even if the battery is removed or stolen, it is easier to track it. This is one of the major reasons why people nowadays prefer to buy smart phones having an in-built battery rather than a removable one by availing the online coupons. In this way they get the best value of their money.
  • Avoids bloating up – There are many instances of removable batteries getting bloated up. This happens when the battery gets too much heated up for a long duration of time. It makes the phone extremely heavy and also somewhat hampers the feel of the smart phone. In-built batteries don’t result in such kind of bloating and this is the reason these are largely used in smart phones these days.
  • Higher longevity – The endurance and capability of in-built battery is quite high as compared to the removable batteries. This means non-removable battery provides better durability and high battery life. Thus, you can use smart phones having in-built batteries for longer duration that phones having removable battery. You do not have to worry about the battery draining out after a certain period if your phone is having an in-built battery.
  • Less liquid damage – Well, there are some mobiles phone available in the market these days which are water resistant. Phones which have removable batteries still have some chances of damage and it doesn’t give high water resistance value compared to a phone with a sealed in-built battery. The in-built batteries remain absolutely safe even when there are high chances of liquid damage. There is no possibility of finding even any scratches on the battery.

These are the reasons why various smart phone companies are switching over to using in-built battery instead of the removable battery. In this technological age of improvement, the idea to switch over to something fresh isn’t a bad idea. In-built battery has become a craze now and people prefer to buy smart phones coming with these batteries So, now that you are aware of the fact why smartphones companies are mostly using in-built battery, what’s your take on it?

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