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Creating Effects Using Stamp Tool In Adobe PhotoShop

To Learn Adobe Photoshop use every tool in toolbox which appears on left side when you start Adobe Photoshop. There many tool with which you can easily play to learn as a beginner. For Example you can use Magic Tool to change background of images. In our Future post we will explain about every tool starting from the Stamp tool. Here is list of tools which you will see in the software. These are very high in number. You can use this images to check where to select specific tool from the toolbar. 


Learning adobe photoshop List of tools




This above list of tool is very informative. You can learn many new tools just by this diagram according to requirements. Just focus on each of them to get more and more experience. We were talking about Stamp Tool let say we want to copy certain objects in our image and we want to place that real copy in the vertical shadow position of object. Now what happens when we use this tool, a same of image is placed behind the original image but the copied image doesn’t appear. Now when we move tool over that copied image it will start appearing. If you don’t understand what I am saying just refer below screen shot you will understand what is happening here. First select tool from the tool bar. Above and below both images show how to select Stamp Tool.


Select Stamp Tool in adobe photoshop


Now click and hold then drag copied image object will start appearing. Care should be taken here icon which was appearing on the copied images should not moved over original images object. If you do this original object will start disappearing. See Screen Shot.

Move Stamp Tool Over Image




After selecting tool click on the original image copied image will be hidden below the original but its not exactly behind the original image, it’s shifted a little up like vertical shadow of image. You will see two icons when you will click a little above from the objectOne icon will appear on the original image and other will appear on the copied image.

Stamp Tool In photoshop

Repeat the same process according to requirements that the number of objects which you wants to appear. Like in the screen shots all cartoon characters are visible. These cartoon characters are objects. In the same way same procedure is applied to get all the objects appear. These objects are large Stamp Tool works best on small objects with larger background. This is because if whole image consist of objects so copied objects fade out the original image so keep this thing in your mind while using this tool. See Final Image the results of Stamp Tool.


Result of moving stamp over image


 Using Tools In Photoshop:



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