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Steer Clear These Designing Flaws While Using WordPress


WordPress is a robust CMS platform, used by millions of websites every single day. The platform is praised for its myriad of themes and plugins that help us add an edge to our projects. But because of the diversity it offers, chances of opting for a design that makes you and your audience cringe are quite high. Unfortunately, not all design patterns are suitable for a website; and thus needs to be selected judiciously.

In this article, we are going to discuss about some of the designing errors which could hamper the functionality and appearance of your website. We will also explain you the ways to avoid them.

1. Opting for Themes and Plugins from Untrusted Resources

This is a serious issue and should be dealt with proper care. While selecting for a theme or plugin, make sure that it is coming from a trusted resource or offered by sites that are properly registered. The reason being, people often look for cheap themes and eventually fall in the trap. These sub-standard themes are poorly coded and have malicious components, which can pose threats to the functioning of your website. Design Bolts offered a list of trusted and high-quality themes and plugins, which you can read to get the reviews of about them to clear doubts from your mind.

2. Missing or Poorly Designed Search Option

If someone asks me to choose cardinal WordPress sin, I think this would be. A well-designed search option lets your readers to search whatever they want in a hassle-free manner. This also helps you keep competitors on the back foot as people will spend more time on your website. A properly designed search option is essential for a WordPress powered website as it helps users to easily search for “older posts” , “recently added” and so on. This way, you would be able to provide a good content to your audience and raise the fan following of your website.

3. Sidebar Clutter

Your sidebar is an important place to display recently added posts, call to action. Ask users what you want them to do, subscribe to your newsletters, browse you more etc. whatever actions you expect your visitors do displayed at the top of your sidebar. Therefore, it is essential to select a design that retains maximum interest of your customers and help them make the most out of your website. Don’t mess it up with unnecessary things, instead focus on only what is important and needed to be displayed.

4. Illogical Use of Colors with Little White Space

WordPress users should be careful while selecting colors for their website as they are extremely crucial to influence the psychology of your visitors. Avoid using colors like black or fluorescent colors on the background if you don’t want your website scares the users away. Use subtle colors to make maximum impact and make your content readable. Similarly, websites without having enough white space can hamper the user experience, making it difficult for them to organize the content in a correct order.

5. Overused Fonts

True! It’s so difficult to hold back your choices for multiple fonts and especially when they are available in plenty and we can upload our own custom fonts just like themes. This looks quite tempting but can end up making your customers riled-up. That’s why do yourself a favor and try to stick with 2-3 fonts for the maximum usage on your website. Why? Because it’s super easy to make users feel frustrated and confused when they see so many fonts used on a website. But if you select less fonts this would not only give your website a professional look but also prevent your readers being getting deviated.

6. Website Giving Hard Time to Your Customers on Mobile

Designers, in most of the cases, underestimate the importance of designing a website that is properly optimized for providing a flawless mobile experience. Since most of the people browse websites through Smartphones, it is extremely crucial to design a mobile-friendly version of your website. You can even choose to invest in responsive design and help customers enjoy the feel of your website across a variety of devices.

Final Thoughts

With a wide range of designing tools available nowadays, everyone can start building an impeccable website. But this doesn’t mean that anyone can simply wake up in the morning and start designing a website. There is some learning involved when it comes to managing and building a WordPress site. So, make sure you don’t mess up with the technology and will take professional help if you are not good at it. And thus avoid these errors.