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Sweet Old London


London has a rich cultural heritage. The Big Ben, the Tower of London and The West Minister Abbey are a few examples of the remarkable monuments that the city has. The Museum of London, Docklands, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. Artist Chris Naylor was commissioned to model of some of the most well-known land marks of London, to mark this historical event.

Sweet London Sculpture

Now, creating a model out of wood and stone would have been extremely run-of-the-mill. To create a model that would be remembered for a long time, Naylor used sugar cubes! This is very fitting as the museum is based on an old ware house, used to stock sugar, coffee and rum. It took Naylor 2,186 sugar cubes to construct the model and it weighs 13 kg.

Sweet London Sculpture

The model features iconic structures like the London Eye and the Tower Bridge. The detailing of the model is absolutely fantastic and required precision and summoning of all the talents of the artist. The model also includes a giant Ferris wheel which is extremely difficult to construct with simpler materials, let alone with sugar cubes (by zinser at tforge inc). Confined within a wooden frame, the model also shows the beautiful sky line of London.

We have all seen model and sculptures carved out of wood and stone. The model created by Naylor is unique and has a very graceful look because of the white color, making it very elegant. We have used words like “beautiful”, “amazing”, “mesmerizing” and many others to define various art pieces. However, this sugar cube marvel by Naylor has introduced an altogether different word to be used for art. Sweet!

Sweet London Sculpture

Sweet London Sculpture

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