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Technical Innovations that Have Revitalised Industries


Entertainment comes in many forms, whether it’s listening to music, watching television, or playing games. We strive to improve the way we are entertained through technology, and it seems in the last few years we’ve made many leaps, and impressive evolutions of ways of being entertained.


The Internet has provided us with many ways to listen to music, be it illegal or through legal means. Gone are the dark days of Napster though and the controversies surrounding that. Now we have services like Spotify, Amazon Prime, and Apple Music which gives us access to all the music we’ll ever need. There are a few issues around these services, such as royalty problems but these are being ironed out making listening to our favourite songs easier than ever, and more importantly legal.


With faster Internet speeds and the powerful devices, we use to connect, it is now far easier to stream television and movies direct into our homes. Through the likes of Netflix, Sky’s Now TV, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV, we have many ways to get to all the shows and movies we want.

This ability to get access to videos on demand has also led to binge watching where we can watch an entire season of a show in one sitting. With shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards being released on the Internet first, it appears that many of our choices in television shows will be through these streaming services rather than regular television.


Bing has gone through somewhat of a renaissance through the use of the Internet. Gone are the days of having to wait for a night out to play bingo, now you can pick the right choice of bingo sites we just have to go to our computer, pick up our smartphone or tablet, and our bingo game is right there. We can still go play the traditional form of bingo of course, but now we have more of a choice and a way to play the game socially with people who enjoy the games just as much as you do.

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