Making Blogging A Breeze. 7 Easy Tips To Blog From Your Phone

The best tip for bloggers is to use the incredible tools that are available. You are on the go; looking for new ideas to share with your followers, so let your blogging reflect this. There are now tons of free mobile apps to allow bloggers on the go to keep producing high-quality blogs without being tied to a computer. Keep reading to learn seven easy ways for making mobile blogging a breeze.

1. Research and Learn to Master Your Mobile Blogging App

Mobile blogging, or moblogging, is here to stay, so all the best blogging websites have created mobile versions to enable bloggers to post and manage their blogs from their smartphones or tablets. 

Blogger and WordPress are two of the most popular moblogging apps. However, there are many more out there that might be a better fit for your particular blog.

2. Use a Mobile App to Edit Photos for Your Blog

You no longer need a photo-editing program installed on your computer to professionally edit images and make them stand out on your blog.

Plus, with the advanced features of the the latest smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S6, including a 16-megapixel camera, you do not need more than your smartphone to take, edit, and publish professional photos to your blog.

And when equipped with a reliable network, you can edit and post photos anytime and anywhere.

If pictures and images are the focus of your blog, do not worry because many of these applications include advanced editing features like retouching, adjusting perspective, lens blur, and other cool features. Snapseed and Photo Editor Pro are two great options for bloggers. They are both user-friendly but still powerful enough for professionals to use.

3. Get Inspiration From the News That interests You

Staying up to date is a challenge with so much information out there. However, getting your daily fitness inspiration is now as easy as using a mobile app like Flipboard, which lets you follow topics that interest you and brings together all the best news and social media from around the world on those topics.

4. Use Apps to Collect and Build Out Your Ideas

Great mobile apps are making bloggers’ ideation and research easier and more effective than ever. The Evernote mobile app allows bloggers to clip information from the web, create notes, and organize their ideas into different notebooks.

Idea Growr is another great mobile app that helps bloggers spark the creative process by storing ideas, generating relevant questions, and helping to organize and motivate blogger creativity.

5. Stay Organized Using a Productivity App

Trello is a productivity lifesaver for mobile bloggers. You can organize your own workflow or collaborate with teams to provide updates and comments on tasks that need completing. If you are a guest blogger to different sites or use guest bloggers to contribute to your blog, this is a great tool to get everyone on the same page. The best part is that it is easy to use and has an attractive look that takes the boring out of to-do lists.

6. Write, Edit, and Access Your Work From Anywhere

Google has made it possible for you to write, edit, store, and access your work from any mobile device. With Google Docs, you can write, edit, and even collaborate on blog posts. Changes get saved immediately, so you do not have to worry about losing your work.

The Google Drive app lets you store and access all types of documents that you may need on the go to inform your blogging from anywhere.

7. Get Insights and Ideas From Social Media

Hootsuite is another essential mobile blogger tool, which lets you know who is talking about you across social media sites. This is a great tool for responding to important mentions or inspiring response posts to blogs. It also brings all of social together in one place to save you time.

Take the time to explore the benefits offered by the apps described above, as well as others out there. It will be time well invested, and you will quickly be on your way to becoming a better moblogger and pumping out high-quality content right from your phone.