Sex Games With The Most Realistic Graphics

couple playing video games together

In the last decade, video game graphics have evolved from pixel art and simple polygons to incredibly lifelike and beautiful 3D renderings. With such amazing graphics present in many video games today now is the best time to delve into the world of sex games. 

Are you looking for some of the most realistic sex games currently available? Read below for a short and sweet list to help narrow down your choices!

1. JerkDolls

This game does a great job at pleasing everybody: no matter what kind of girl and setting you’re looking for, the odds are that you’ll be able to find them in JerkDolls. 

With literally thousands of different options to customize your character’s body–especially the parts you care about most–you can experience the fucking of your dreams in a wide variety of locations. 

The game runs in Unity and is rendered in stunningly beautiful 3D, available both on computers and smartphones.

Play JerkDolls Here

2. XStoryPlayer

If you enjoy using the cutting edge of technology, then this could be the game for you. XStoryPlayer is a 3D realistic sex game that goes the extra mile by supporting virtual reality (VR) headsets, allowing you to feel like you’re actually there with the girl of your dreams. 

One catch: since VR headsets are still relatively new devices, they’re still pretty expensive to buy. 

Play XStoryPlayer Here

3. Adult World 3D

Here’s a game from industry veterans. The creators of Adult World 3D are the minds behind many other sex games in recent years, and they put their expertise to good use with this title. 

It’s Windows-only, though, so Apple users will either have to find something else or jump ship to try this one out.

Play AdultWorld3D Here

Bottom Line

Hopefully this list has helped you on your quest to find the most realistic sex games currently available. If you found a game you like, and your device can run it…then what are you waiting for? We promise a realistic experience that’s fun and rewarding.