The Supreme Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth is a technology majorly used in mobile phones and other communication devices, it is a wireless communication technology majorly used for data transfer between two separate devices.

Bluetooth enables the users to transfer data and communicate with other devices without even using the cables.

The Bluetooth creates a communication connection between two devices that is commonly known as a “Pair”, when two devices are paired through Bluetooth they can transfer data to each other through a suitable distance.

It is a pretty useful technology, apart from the data transfer from handheld devices; it is also used for several other purposes.

For example, a computer can command and control a printer next door, or wireless music system that does not have any sort of wires attached to speakers; it provides the facility of 3D surround sound without creating a mess of wires and cables all over the place. The innovations and uses of Bluetooth are endless.

Let’s take a look at the dynamics of this Bluetooth technology and how it works. The basic information about its working is given as under.

• The Bluetooth technology uses radio waves for the purpose of communication. These waves are of 2.4 GHz. The use of radio waves eliminates any sort of physical attachment between the two devices.

• It supports multi-point communication at the same time; although some of it features do include communication of the same data at one time. But as it is a rapid means of communication, it does not take much longer for a device to complete the data transfer and get to the other task.

• Probably the only negative aspect of communication through Bluetooth is that it works in a very small range of area that is no more than 10 to 15 meters. The waves transmitted by the Bluetooth devices are not strong enough to travel much distance.

• The data transaction speed offered by Bluetooth technology is quite high, at an average 1-2 Mbps speed is commonly observed, that allows the transfer of data at a decent rate and does not take much time to transfer commands, this is why it is highly useful for communication of sound, a person can use a Bluetooth earpiece with connected to his phone and can receive calls with ease without any interruption and delay in sound.

• It does not take that much of cost to be produced. The chipset that is used to transmit the wave is pretty cheap as compared to the other communication chipsets, such as IrDA. Is very small in size and efficient to enough to be installed in any sort of handheld device.

Such features make Bluetooth, the favorite mode of data transfer in short distance communication.

These features are also the reason that it is still not been replaced by any other shot distance communication modes.

However, it has replaced a few, such as infrared data transfer was pretty much used before Bluetooth technology was introduced.

But the after the introduction of this technology every handheld communication device is equipped with Bluetooth rather that infrared, as it is cheap, practical and very easy to use.


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