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The 10 Best Free Education Apps For iPad

Integrating your iPad with academic apps for preeminent benefits is best possible when you choose the best performing ones. Free education apps are available as well through which you could improve your device functionality to the next level. Students, educational consultants and academicians will value these apps to the core. If iPad was a weapon, these apps would have seamlessly transformed it to a “Weapon of mass education”!

iPad Education

Here are the 10 best free education apps for your iPad for your maximum convenience.

iTunes U

Free podcasts about valuable academic information is made available to you through this immensely popular and cult app. It is like using iBooks whenever you are in need of online resource for textbooks. Serving your purpose with the consideration of this free online learning resource is effortlessly realized.


Turning on this app after freely downloading from the Apple store will let you experience best features in an intricate manner. This useful app lets you photograph a leaf in order to determine its species to obtain comprehensive details and data beneficial for botanical research.


Online conferences could be taken to the newest level from your smartphones on the go easily. Possibly, you could hold real-time conversations with your business clients and personal contacts by downloading Skype for iPad almost instantly. Download Skype from http://www.insofter.com/app/1360316/skype.html


Interesting facts will be unfurled on a regular basis with the free download of this smart iPad app. Learn about the solar system in an extensive manner in order to determine the number of planets available. Knowing about crazy names of each planet is possible as well.

3D Brain

Knowing about human anatomy has never been easy with various facts learnt regularly. Brain is the most complex organs of all to decipher. However, this iPad app enables you to understand brain from a closer perspective with 3D images taken from different angles for your instant reference.

Merck PSE HD

Though the very mention of this app might appear to be all Greek, you will come to know what a useful app it is. More specifically, chemistry students will be able to make the most out of this periodic table app with all the details included comprehensively.


Integrating contrasting domains such as Technology, Entertainment and Design onto a unique platform is best possible with the consideration of this useful TED app for iPad in a perfect manner. With the concept of social networking included as well, you get more benefits for sure.


Linguistics has been one of the favorite subjects for many. However, knowing about this app to learn different languages such as Francais, Deutsche, Portuguese and Japanese is best possible with this extensive app in a diverse manner after downloaded from Apple store.


Cloud computing is in full swing considered everywhere. If making notes about sharing data through various formats of files is your top priority irrespective of your location, then this app is unbeatable.


Accomplishing projects by being in a group irrespective of the geographic location is best possible with this useful app in an extensive manner. Interactive whiteboard access by sharing ideas virtually in real-time will ensure you get maximum performance for sure.

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