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The 3D Illusion Drawings


We have been exploring various different talents here on Pel Fusion’s online magazine. 3D art in the form of drawings is one that calls from great intrigue. If you’ve been following our space, chances are high you caught up with our recent post on three dimensional mural paintings decorating interior and exterior walls. 3D art is a style of art that never ceases to amaze the visual and creative mind, and the manner in which it can be executed is most experimental and interesting.

The 3D Illusion Drawings of Ramon Bruin - 1

In this post we will once again be looking at three dimensional art, only this time through the sketchy perspective of the the 3D illusion drawings of Ramon Bruin. Ramon Bruin is a freelance artists mostly self taught in his discipline. Ramon Bruin is especially passionate about airbrush and airbrushing techniques, along with conventional techniques of drawing and painting. This artists works diligently with several different mediums, ranging from acrylics, oil and water paints, as well as charcoal, paint pens, pencils and graphite. Ramon Bruin defines his style of work as a unique range of expression, from modern expressionism to airbrush designs and from photorealism to 3D optical illusion drawings.

While Ramon Bruin is qualified in and professionally practicing airbrushing, having graduated with a degree in this discipline from the Netherlands and currently working from the JJK Airbrush company, we will be looking at his interesting three dimensional illusion drawings today. Ramon Bruin has been working on a variety of three dimensional drawings over the passage of time, all casual and sketchy in physical nature. The three dimensional illusion drawings of Ramon Bruin seem to boast a somewhat comical vibe as they appear to rising from the paper surface and into life. Bruin’s remarkable use of shadows and light further amplify the 3D presence of the objects and subjects he draws using charcoal and graphite shadings as wells as other mediums adding hints of color to his work.

Have a look at Ramon Bruin’s wonderfully casual and almost comical (at times) 3D illusion drawings below!

The 3D Illusion Drawings of Ramon Bruin - 2

The 3D Illusion Drawings of Ramon Bruin - 3

The 3D Illusion Drawings of Ramon Bruin - 4

The 3D Illusion Drawings of Ramon Bruin - 5

The 3D Illusion Drawings of Ramon Bruin - 6

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