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The Artistic Walls


A true artist always explores new avenues to refine his work. Unless you try new waters, how would you know how capable you are? Same is the case with Case Maclaim. Maclaim is originally a graffiti artist. For those of you with less artistic aptitudes, graffiti is a drawing made on real walls, complete with colors, 3D effects and all. It requires immense skills, dedication, concentration, and of course, time. You must have seen some sorry excuses for graffiti in numerous Hollywood films, where punks would spray paint their slogans along with, most likely, some obscene drawings. The actual art is much more refined.

Artistic Wall by Case Maclaim

In my opinion, making wall graffiti is much more challenging than making a drawing on canvas. The canvas, somehow, limits your imagination. An artist who is able to do graffiti is surely more likely to amplify his feelings through his work. Mind you! Graffiti is not easy. An artist has to magnify his feelings and then translate them on a very large canvas. All of Maclaim’s graffiti are true testaments to his credentials. Like any great artist, Maclaim did not limit himself to graffiti though. He has done some remarkable work using a regular canvas and also spray paint.

The eye marvels at Maclaim’s attention to detail. His work, be it graffiti or regular canvas, is very detailed to say the least. For instance, he created a piece of art on canvas using spray paint. What he actually created was a larger than life can of spray paint; with his own reflection, wearing a mask evident on its shiny surface. If you take look at his graffiti, you will always find a deep message embedded into it.

An artist is extra sensitive, conveying his message through his work as if sending us a cryptic puzzle to solve and realize what new horizons are there to explore.

Artistic Wall 2

Artistic Wall 3

Artistic Wall 4

Artistic Wall 5

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