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The Business Logo: The Foundation of a Successful Brand


For many business owners, the use of business cards and embellished stationary are second nature. However, most marketing mediums such as those do require an element of a design; and what is the one aspect we see on most business cards and other items? That one thing would be a logo. You know, that decorative brand that compiles the company name with splashes of color, geometric shapes, and a little graphic design madness here and there.

For a business—small or large—the logo is notably one of the most influential and beneficial design projects a company can undertake. After all, the logo is likely to appear on everything including products and packaging, webpages, right down to that bulk order of promotional pens from Pens.com. The logo becomes a brand, the thing that people associate a business with, so the element of design is crucial.

A logo will take a basic color scheme—like red and gold, for instance—and combine it with various graphics. Through this, the logo should transform into a business’s “bigger picture,” or in other words, the overall image of the business itself.

Let’s say you run a company that sells skateboarding equipment to adolescents, teens, and young adults. Since there are several skateboarding brands on the market, it is important that your logo stands out, giving your company a comfortable appeal and visually captures why your company’s skateboard wheels, for instance, are better than the rest thanks to a space-age polyurethane blend you have discovered. With that in mind, an effective logo would incorporate vibrant colors and contemporary shapes, anything that would convey your wheels are the future of skateboarding.

For the most part, there are two basic design elements used to create a logo. The first is a logotype. A logotype is basically a company’s name that has been given a stylish makeover. Think of the iconic Coca Cola logo. Of course, we recognize the signature red and white color scheme, but the part of the logo that stands out the most is the curvy script that literally says, “Coca Cola.” The second type of logo is basically a symbol or abstract shape. Arguably one of the best examples of this is the famous apple-shaped image used to represent electronics giant, Apple Inc. Of course, there are a lot of companies that will combine their logos combining both a logotype and shapes.

A stunning logo doesn’t just pop out of thin air though. Those that are gifted with creative brilliance and computer knowledge can use Photoshop and other design programs to design a complete logo from scratch. That would be the cheapest option by far. Having a professional design firm design a complete logo will generally cost thousands of dollars. There are however, a barrage of independent or freelance designers that can be hired to design a logo for a fraction of the cost. These designers will have portfolios showcasing their work, which in some cases is better than the work of a multi-million design firm.

Now there is nothing wrong with designing a logo by yourself, but having a professional designer do the work will give you two things. First, a professional designer will be backed by a top-notch support team with complete knowledge of marketing and branding. Second, professional designers are well-versed in most design programs. These two aspects, when combined, offer a feeling security and content. After all, since a company logo is usually slapped onto everything, shelling out a few extra bucks for a professional job might be worth it.

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