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The Cellular Chronicles [Infographic]


How long ago was it that cell phones were launched for general public use? 20 or 25 years perhaps. Now at that time, who would have even imagined that cell phones would become a basic necessity? No one. Well, no one might have thought that back then, but it is a cold hard truth today. Cell phones have crept their way up in our lives like vines and now, we are all entangled in one network or another. Another big addition is the smart phones that seem as if they were around since the dawn of time.


As the year 2013 will draw to its end, there will be a total of 1.82 billion smart phones worldwide! There’s another interesting yet, to some orthodox people like me, staggering fact. We have been hearing a lot of public service message regarding population control. The fact actually is that now, more android phones are made than babies are born, every day! Yep, that’s a fact. A total of 300,000 babies are born worldwide daily, whereas the number of android phones manufactured per day is 1.3 million. Guess there is no protection against that kind of birth.

Let’s take a look at the amount of time we spend on our smart phones daily. Approximately 70 minutes per day are used for web browsing; 127 minutes on mobile application and 168 minutes watching T.V on the phones. On and average, people check their phone 150 times a day; that is every 6.5 minutes. 43% of the time is spent playing games, while social media comes second at 26%.

It seems as if we are not users of mobile phones anymore; what’s more evident is that we are cellular prisoners, serving an everlasting sentence and ironically, enjoying it. The time spent on mobile phones comes at the expense of the time spent with our loved ones. So put that phone aside and cuddle up to your beloved, because no matter how advanced technology gets, the human touch will never get out of touch.

Checkout the infographic below:

Mobile Devices Overtake Daily Life - Infographic

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