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The Daredevils of Photography


Photography is an art, mastering which requires a lot of skill, dedication and practice. There are many photographers around the world that have wowed us with their projects. To stand out, an artist has to create something that is unique and catches the eye among a wide range of competition. The Sky walkers share the same mindset.

Vitaly Raskalov - 1

Vitaly Raskalov and his friend Alexander Remnov; collectively known as “The Sky walkers” are a pair of daredevil photographers from Russia. Where photographers around the world visit beautiful landscapes, oceans, jungles and other marvels of nature to strengthen their portfolios, these two rely on the concrete jungles, also known as cities. The photographs taken by these two always create an awe effect; especially when one considers the heights they go to for them, and I literally mean “heights”. They select the tallest buildings in Moscow and other cities; ascend to the very top without any climbing equipment; and once they reach the top, then they capture each other’s pictures! You are bound to feel dizzy just by looking at these photographs.

Vitaly Raskalov - 2

The Sky walkers always capture the depth of the plunge they might suffer if they make even the slightest of mistakes. They do not just take the elevator and reach the roofs; they climb to the points no one else would even imagine going to. The complete series of their photographs might compel you to think they are insane; but it is just their design, their claim to fame and it definitely makes them stand out. It is amazing how they are not imprisoned by the fear of heights and how they defy the basic human instinct. For any soul that loves a little adventure, these pictures are bound to get the adrenalin pumping. Kudos to the Sky walkers for defeating fear, defying gravity and bringing us this unique daredevil compilation of pictures.

Vitaly Raskalov - 3

Vitaly Raskalov - 4

Vitaly Raskalov - 5

Vitaly Raskalov - 6

Vitaly Raskalov - 7

Vitaly Raskalov - 8

Vitaly Raskalov - 9

Vitaly Raskalov - 10

Vitaly Raskalov - 11

Vitaly Raskalov - 12

Vitaly Raskalov - 13

Vitaly Raskalov - 14

Vitaly Raskalov - 15

Vitaly Raskalov - 16

Vitaly Raskalov - 17

Vitaly Raskalov - 18

Vitaly Raskalov - 19

Vitaly Raskalov - 20

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