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The Loop Holes in Google Glass


Google is one of the greatest success stories of our generation. The search engine and its related stuff are more than multi billion Dollars in worth. With a lead in technology, Google recently completed a new and unbelievable project known as Google Glass. This wearable pair of smart glass with a Heads Up Display (HUD) is definitely going to be a bigger success than any modern tech gadgets we see. However, the usage of prototypes has indicated some major flaws in Google Glass. If Google desires to make this phenomenal new project a success; these flaws need to be rectified immediately, or else it is millions of Dollars down the drain.


1. Battery Life

Oops! The geniuses who were busy putting more and more apps in Google Glass forgot the basic thing. It runs on battery! With the entire unimaginable feature Google Glass holds, the prototypes gave a clear message; “It isn’t running on this battery!”

2. Filtering

Suppose you are walking wearing Google Glass and are about to cross a busy road. Suddenly, you get a call from your girlfriend, and at the very same moment, two of your friends send you a viral message. Bam! You’re blind! Google Glass cannot filter messages according to priority.

3. Security

For a professional hacker, it is child’s play to control your Google Glass. If it has an unlocked boot loader and is unattended with someone you don’t trust even for a little while, they will have access to everything you have stored within a minute. Moreover, they will be able to see whatever you are doing wearing these bad boys!

4. The Fit

When it comes to style Google Glass looks amazing; the fit on the face itself is another story. Users of prototypes say they fit awkwardly and make them uncomfortable.

5. Display

This should not even be here! Considering the advanced technology Google has, the display is mediocre. Colors are not consistent and this is a crime in the modern era of LCD, LED and 3D technology.

There are a few more problems identified with Google Glass. Some of them are multitasking, limited sharing networks (supports only Google+) andinternet reliance. Hopefully, Google will take care of these issues before the actual launch.

via theAtlanticWire

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