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The Most Useful Flash Tutorial Resources


Flash is the first option to consider, when it comes to multimedia, interactivity, animation and stunning effects. This amazing technology has always been popular for the unbelievable opportunities it opens for website developers.

However, the technology itself is quite complicated and not so easy to master. Fortunately, there are many great resources that offer step-by-step Flash tutorials. Thanks to them, we have an opportunity to learn the technology from professionals whenever we have time and desire.

For this post I’ve selected the most useful, rich and popular Flash tutorial resources on the net. The beginners will find the tutorials that cover the basic Flash concepts. As for the advanced users, they will also find much new, useful and inspiring for their future works.

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1. Flashkit.com

Flash Kit is one of the oldest communities for Flash developers and all those, who are interested in Flash. The tutorial section hosts 18 categories. All the tutorials are very good and worth attention.

2. Entheosweb.com

Entheos is a five-year-old Web Design company that is based in Bangalore, India. Their free Flash tutorials cover the basics of Flash animation and Actionscript. This resource gives you a good opportunity to easily learn cool Flash effects and basic Flash concepts. The “Flash tutorials” section is divided into two parts: “Animation and Effects” and “Actionscript”.

3. W3schools.com

W3schools is a free online school for all those, who would like to study web developing. Here you will find a wide range of web building tutorials: HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, ASP, PHP, SQL and, of course, Flash.

Flash tutorials presented on this website will teach you how to use Flash in your applications. The contents include:

•    Introduction to Flash
•    Flash How to
•    Flash in HTML
•    Flash Tweening
•    Flash Guide Tween
•    Flash Tint Tween
•    Flash Shape Tween
•    Flash Buttons
•    Flash Animation
•    Flash Sound

4. Flashandmath.com

A fantastic collection of Flash AS3 tutorials. Both beginners and advanced developers will definitely find useful info to learn from.  There are three section of the website:

•    AS3 Tips and How-Tos
•    New Tutorials and Effects
•    Some of the Most Requested Tutorials

5. LearnFlash.com

This is a great resource for those, who prefer video tutorials. This collection of video lessons discovers most of Flash secrets. The Flash tutorial videos presented on this website are recorded by experts. With this video series you will learn the basics of using Flash, creating Flash websites with animation, sound and video. The expert will show you step-by-step how to use the latest software, and many more…

The Flash training includes the following sections:

•    Beginner
•    Intermediate/Advanced
•    Bundles

6. Tutorialized.com

This popular resource contains plenty of useful Flash tutorials. You will learn to work in 3D, drawing techniques, text effects, tips and tricks, ActionScript and many more.

There are the following subsections of the “Flash Tutorials” section:

•    3D
•    Actionscripting
•    Audio
•    Games
•    Interactivity
•    Getting Started
•    Web Design, and many more.

7. Flashexplained.com

The Flash tutorials from Luka Maras, a web designer and owner of FlashExplained.com, which you will find on this website, are some of the most detailed and well-explained on the Web.

8. Flashperfection.com

A great resource with Flash tutorials only. You will always find the freshest ones here.

There are plenty of Flash tutorials on the site from the lessons for beginners to advanced tutorials.

Among other basic tutorials, there are many scarce ones, such as “Math Physics Tutorials”, “Flash Optimization Tutorials”, “Flash Projector Tutorials”, etc.

9. Pixel2life.com

There is another large collection of tutorials. In the “Flash” section you will find many useful training materials. The section contains 24 subsections of Flash related tutorials.

10. Adobe.com

The best Flash tutorials are from Flash creators! The tutorials, presented by Adobe Developer Center, are all written by high professionals. You will definitely find much useful and unique info, training materials as well as related resources.

11. Echoecho.com

The Echoecho.com tutorials answer the questions: What is shockwave Flash? Why is it often smarter than applet or GIF’s? What do you need to be able to create your own flash movies? Where should you start? And many more…  You will also learn to create draw with Flash, create Flash buttons, change the objects between two keyframes, etc.

There are also some tutorials for advanced users: they will teach you to build a “javascript bridge”. Also, you have an opportunity to browse through the collection of Flash movies that are presented on the website.

12. Kirupa

This amazing collection of Flash and ActionScript tutorials from Kirupa, is very rich: you will find everything you need for learning Flash as well as useful Flash Components.

You will find the following tutorial subjects:

•    Animation
•    Drawing and Design
•    Common Tasks
•    ActionScript Basics
•    Special Effects
•    Isometry
•    Game development

13. Flashdesignerzone.com

The Flash tutorials from Selteco, a web design software company.

They offer the following Flash tutorials:

•    Beginners (Intro and Outro Animation, working with frames, getting started with ActionScript)
•    Design
•    JavaScript
•    New
•    ActionScript
•    Sound
•    Advanced

14. GotoAndLearn.com

Plenty of free video tutorials from Lee Brimelow – a Platform Evangelist at Adobe focusing on the Flash, Flex, and AIR development communities. There are really useful tutorials on Flash, Flex, 3D, Papervision 3D, and many more…

15. TheFlashBlog.com

Also, visit Lee Brimelow’s blog that is devoted to Flash: it is just a Klondike of useful Flash resources.

16. Newgrounds.com

These Flash tutorials will teach you all about the Flash environment, with individual lessons about animation and ActionScript programming.

17. Good-tutorials.com

Another great website with plenty of useful tutorials. In the “Flash Tutorials” section you will find the following themes: ActionScript, Animation, Audio, Basics, Drawing, Effects, Game Development, Interactivity, Math and Physics, Navigation, Server-side, Text effects.

18. Sitepoint.com

The extensive collection of Flash Tutorials and Flash How Tos with the Flash related articles on Sitepoint.com, written by professionals, will help you take your Flash and ActionScript skills to the next level.

19. Actionscript.org

A great collection of tutorials from Actionscript.org.  The “Tutorials” section contains the detailed articles about Flash, Flex and ActionScript. Also, you will find other useful resources regarding Flash: articles, press releases, community, etc.

20. Brainbell.com

This website offers free IT training and computer tutorials. From the “Flash” section you will learn how to create a document, a banner, accessible Flash content, layers, layout tools, application, symbols and distances. Also, you will know how to add button animation and navigation, to create a presentation with screens, to draw in Flash, and many more…

21. Baycongroup.com

This resource offers two Flash tutorials written by Denise Etheridge: Flash CS4 Tutorial and Flash 8 Tutorial.
In the “Flash CS4” Tutorial the author will take you step-by-step through the process of creating Flash CS4 Professional movie. Before you start learning, you can view the movie you will create.

Flash CS4 Tutorial

The “Flash 8” tutorial will teach you how to create graphics, work with layers, add motion, sound and text to a Flash 8 Movie.

Flash 8 Tutorial

22. Flashfridge.com

Another useful resource with many great flash tutorials that cover the following themes: Actionscript, Animation, Banners, Buttons, Drawing, Navigation, Sounds and Audio, Special FX, Text effects.

23. Braineak.com

This new, but rather perspective resource contains a lot of different design related tutorials. In the section “3D and Animation” you will find many useful Flash related tutorials.

Papervision 3D Tutorial Resources:

1. Papervision-tutorials.com

This new great blog devoted to Papervision 3D hosts plenty of useful articles, roundups of Papervision 3D Templates as well as Flash CMS Templates and 3D tutorial resources. This website is actually gathered links of the best Papervision 3D tutorials in one place.

2. Papervision2.com

A good resource of Papervision 3D Tutorials: all the posts contain much useful and interesting info.

There are two sections of the website:

•  Updated/New tutorials
•  Original tutorials.

3. Dispatchevent.org

The author of this great tutorial is reviewing and dissecting Papervision 3D 2.0 (Great White) in a multi-part series. There are a 4 part tutorial for those, who are curious about 3D in Flash.

Part  1 will review Wikipedia articles and relate them to Papervision 3D along the way. If you are already familiar with computer graphics as a topic of CS, you may wish to skip this post. Parts 2 & 3 will review the details of many features of Papervision3D. Part 4 is going to be a set of useful notes and tips for anyone who’s not already experienced with Papervision3D. Unfortunately, Part 4 hasn’t been published yet.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Don’t forget to leave your comments and share your thoughts with us!

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