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The Online Sharing Extravaganza 2012


Online sharing is a true testament to the world being a global village. News, views and reviews, whatever it may be, it spreads. Terabytes of information is shared globally on a daily basis. The year 2012 saw a 23% growth in sharing from the preceding year. The data for social media sharing is on over 14 million domains. Here is a look at the top trends of 2012:

The ever blossoming Facebook saw an increase of 18%, simultaneously contributing to 51% of the sharing! Twitter takes a giant leap, by showing a growth of 55% and contributing 15% to the sharing. Next comes the ever reliable e-mail, growing 17% and making up 9% of the total sharing. The sanctity of the written word remains intact, with print growing at 32% and contributing 8% of the sharing.

On other tangents, a few amateur social media sites have also shown promise. Pinterest has shown a remarkable growth of 379,559%. Reddit grew by 110% followed by Google+, growing by 12%. However, there are a few underdogs that failed to maneuver their ways. My space dropped by 62%, with Delicious in hot pursuit, dropping by 57%.

Moving on to the entertainment world. The year 2012 saw the rise of Gangnam style. This high adrenalin dance number has become the most watched video in the history of YouTube. With crazy lyrics, acrobatic dance moves and an extremely catchy beat, PSY’s Gangnam style soared high into the skies of entertainment. The sultry Rihanna had her share of online craze as well, with her roller coaster relationship with Chris Brown, her envy inducing tattoos, and lyrics to her songs taking a major chunk of the online sharing. Katy Perry and Carty Rae Jepson are third and fourth on this list.

2012 also saw some amazing super hero movies. Although James Holmes tarnished the opening show of the Dark Knight rises in Colorado, the movie still stands strong as the most shared super hero movie, with 55% credit going to tweets, 30% to Facebook likes and the remaining to other social media sites.

The Avengers came in second, gaining popularity primarily by Facebook (40%) and Google+ (30%). The Amazing Spiderman came in at a very distant number 3.

Where would we be had it not been for technology? After the sad demise of Steve Jobs, Apple launched I phone 5 which, naturally, topped the ranks of online sharing in the technology arena. The eighth installment of Windows (Windows 8) also became famous, with both positive and negative reviews swarming the cyber space. I pad mini and Google Nexus managed to secure the third and fourth places.

2012 also marked the re-election of the US president Barack Obama. On November 6, 13% of all the social activity was related to the presidential elections. The unfortunate events of Hurricane Sandy came in second. London Olympics, Italian earth quake, disaster in Costa Concordia and various celebrities meeting the grim reaper also contributed a lot to the social media sharing.

All in all, 2012 was a really happening year for social media sharing; however, it is but the tip of the ice berg. The year 2013 opens new horizons and vast unknown galaxies of the cyber world to be conquered.

Take a look at these and more statistics in the Infographic below.

Social Sharing 2012

Infographic by AddThis

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