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The Skateboard Musical


Sports and music are passions for many of us. Each of them has different genres and different following. Skateboarding for instance, is gaining popularity day by day. Many youngsters can be seen showing some amazing feats on their skateboards. Similarly, guitars have been a must when it comes to the love for music.

Skateboard Guitar - 1

Skateboarding and guitars have absolutely nothing in common. However, the ever surprising human mind can create a link between the weirdest of pairs. This is exactly what has been done in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ezequiel Galasso, a luthier (creator or fixer of string instruments); joined forces with Gian Franco De Gennaro Gilmour, a pro skateboarder to create a series of electric “skate” guitars made from reclaimed skateboard decks.

Skateboard Guitar - 2

The idea is extremely creative and proves that the most powerful tool in the world is but the human brain. Working together in a Buenos Aires workshop, the dynamic duo of Galasso and Gilmour made these guitars entirely by hand! These guitars have an attitude of their own. Maintaining the original designs on the skateboard decks as the bodies, the necks were also made out of maple.

The guitars are equipped with various features including single volume knobs, whammy bars and hum bucking pickups. Each guitar has a unique and attractive look. With Galasso’s signature along the tuning knobs’ panels, these handmade guitars look no less than any famous branded ones available. Moreover, the give users something that everyone yearns for: something different.

Recycling is a good habit, and it is proved that like many other things; it can be taken to new heights. How cool would one look strumming on an electrical guitar that was once a skateboard? The guitar tells a story before even a single note is played. I really wish I could order one of these bad boys online. I should probably take online guitar lessons first too.

Take a look at the pictures of this amazing little project and skate away in a musical way.

Skateboard Guitar - 3

Skateboard Guitar - 4

Skateboard Guitar - 5

Skateboard Guitar - 6

Skateboard Guitar - 7

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