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Through The Eyes of Google

I don’t want to waste my time and yours introducing Google to you. Everybody who knows of computers and the internet knows of Google. The search engine, rather a search super bot is one page opened on every computer on the face of God’s green earth.

Google Glass

Google is on the height of evolution. With so many things already we are thankful for, Google knock them out of the park again with Glass Google. This must have gadget is a gigantic success prior to its launch. Glass Google has opened new doorways to technological excellence. Imagine wearing a trendy set of shades. Now imagine walking up a road and those shades turn into navigators! That is but one feature of Glass Google. All in all, it is a computer that has been stylized into eye wear. Information is displayed as if on a smart phone, bringing to life some of the best sci-fi movies ever made. You don’t have to click to get connected to the internet. Just say the command and thy will shall be done.

International sunglasses retailers like Ray Ban are lining up to partner with Google on this amazing venture. The good news is that Glass Google will also be available for people wearing spectacles. Developed by Google X Lab, Glass Google will certainly change the landscapes of technology. Slick, smart and sophisticated to the maximum, this gadget might create the biggest supply shock the world has seen in ages. Who wouldn’t love to see through anything they behold, right to the basic anatomy?

There was a time when people believed the Earth was flat. Since those ignorant times, science has created wonders and the fairy tales of technology never cease to amaze us. One thing I am sure of; Glass Google is a breakthrough in technology, but it just won’t stop there. Many generations to come will witness many more technological marvelsthat in current times, seem impossible.

Checkout the images below:

Google Glass for Man

Google Glass New Look

Google Glass

Google Glass Design

Google Galss Transparent

Google Glass Black

Google Glass in Hand

Google Glass View

Google Glass Screen

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