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Tips To Design A Site With SEO In Mind


You simply cannot have a successful site if you do not think about search engine optimization. Unfortunately, many designers forget about this or simply do not even take it into account. This leads to beautiful designs that will never rank well, no matter how many quality white hat links you buy. If you want to have a highly successful website you should always design while thinking about SEO. How do you do this? Here are some suggestions to consider.

Place Keywords Strategically

Keywords are incredibly important for search engine optimization but you can overdo it without realizing it as you design the site. This tends to happen as you use keywords to name different files appearing in the design. Be sure that keywords are placed in navigation, file names, content, product descriptions, headers, meta tags and article titles. However, always check to be sure you are not overdoing it. If possible, research the keywords the competition uses and the keywords that are trending.

Always Create Sitemaps

A modern site without a sitemap is a huge problem. That site will simply not work well in search engines. The sitemap created should be crawl-friendly and offer important details about the URLs associated with the site. Web crawling has to be encouraged as this is so much more important for ranking than what many believe.

Focus On Site Loading Speed

A web design that features elements with a long loading time is basically a failure. Users are going to be turned away and major search engines realized the fact that loading speed is quite important for ranking purposes. You want to lessen all stressors for the server and use CSS image sprites, CSS3, HTML5 and even cache plugins if you utilize a CMS system like WordPress. Try to use compression, minimize all redirects and do clean up the code from all the characters that are not necessary.

Create An Engaging Site

Engagement is very important when thinking about user experience. The web crawlers realize that engagement is important for users so a higher ranking will be offered to the sites that are truly engaging. You want to be sure you include compelling visuals, sharing buttons and various sharing components that make social sharing as easy as possible. Many do not know that sharing is going to boost SEO. It does not have a huge impact but it is something that is often directly connected with web design.

Properly Use Links

Last but not least, when you design your website you have to be sure that you avoid having too many broken links, outbound links and links that lead to sources that are not reputable. Value added links will improve the experience of the user. Just do not overdo it as you want to keep people on your site for as long as possible.

On the whole, whenever you start web design work you want to also read the latest modifications that appeared in search engine optimization. You never know what simple modification you can do and end up with higher rankings in a completely natural way.

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