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Tips for Building Your Family Photo Collection


Your family photo collection should be one of the most cherished reminders of your family’s history.  Photos are a crucial link to the past, and become even more important as the years pass by. That’s why it is important to put enough work into building and maintaining your collection, so that you and your family can look back and reminisce in years to come.

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Here are some tips to help you create a photo collection that will make your special moments timeless.

Take as Many Family Pictures as Possible

Many of us think we know what it takes to capture a good family picture. So why do we only bring our cameras with us for special occasions?To build a good family photo collection, you need to take pictures at every given opportunity. When it comes to your family, every day is special!

You can take pictures on birthdays, on your way back from a family day out, just before settling down to enjoy a family meal, on your way todrop the kids off at school … anytime! The point is you should take pictures as often as you can. Some of the best family snaps you will ever see are those taken spontaneously, when people are least expecting to see the flash of a camera. You can brush up on your everydayphotographyskills by taking a look at this photography cheat sheet.

Store Your Photographs Correctly

You have two options for storing your photographs correctly. Manual storage/offline storage and online/digital storage.

For manual storage or offline storage, you should take time to find a suitable environmentfor storing your printed pictures. The perfect placeshouldn’t be too hot or too cold, or too wet or too dry. High temperatures trigger a chemical process on your printed pictures, leading to damage; and high humidity, as may be the case in your basement, or attic, encourages mould and mildew. These environmental factors can stain and destroy photographs over time.

So where should you store your photographs? Drawers are ideal, because they are cool in the summer and warm enough in the winter. That’s why, instead of having your pictures in the attic or basement, the best place to store them is in guest bedrooms and linen closets. You can also have them under your bed if there are no heating vents nearby. And make sure your pictures are stored properly in archival boxes.

Online storage is the best way to make your pictures indestructible. They are saved on servers in the cloud and you can always view them as long as you have internet. The problem with this is that it becomes hard to view all the images if you are storingthousands,and you may need to be aware ofinternet data consumption. Also, sorting the images can be hard work!

If you want the best of both worlds, then simply sign up to a good photo management service.  This transfers your photographs into long lasting discs (over 100 years lifespan) and saves them online. Leading photo scanning companies like myphotoscanning.co.uk offer negative photo scanning, making it easy for you to not only save your recent images, but also any negatives from the past still in your possession. This can be a great way to get your photo collection under control!