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Tips For Web Design That Will Boost Website Efficiency


The way technology has changed today’s marketing industry is absolute.  Marketing will never be the same.  The internet plays hosts to billions of business transactions every day, and every company in existence is battling for a piece of the pie.

A well-built website serves as a 24/7 salesperson that never gets tired or frustrated with its duty.  A company’s website has the potential to be one of the business’s most powerful assets, but there are a few specific attributes of the site that should first be in order.  Take a look at a few helpful tips for web design that will boost website efficiency.

Design layout

The design of a website is just as important as the actual content.  If people cannot find what they are seeking, then the site is useless.  Though content is still “King,” and rich, meaningful content is essential to the success of the site, design is the key to fluently accessing the information.

A website’s blog is also a great design effort.  A successful blog, like this one, will draw more loyalty from viewers as the content is rich enough to entice return readers.

Keep some white space

Typically, companies try to avoid leaving white space on their websites while designing, but what if that white space is what sells?  White space makes the content of the page much more legible.  It makes the site feel more open, clean-cut, and modern.  Web users are more likely to remain interested in a homepage when there is adequate white space surrounding the text and titles.

The key to utilizing white space is site design is to learn how to balance its existence with useful and meaningful content adequately.  Too much white space will cheat the site of the chance to place some valuable information.  Too little white space and the website will appear cluttered and confusing.

Load speed is crucial

One of the worst experiences for web users is a lagging page.  The moments wasted while waiting for a page to load fully can be excruciating to a fast-paced society.  People are not conditioned to be content with waiting.  They are used to getting what they expect at the speed of light.

When a page is slow, most people bounce.  Merely a two-second delay in load time can result in it up to 87% of users vacating the page and moving on to another, more speedy host.  Google offers a free gauging experience of any company’s page speed.  Also, Google will also offer up some helpful suggestions on how to improve load times.

Eye-catching call to action

Web users are already used to following visual cues to find what they want on the internet, so have so shame in providing a little lead.  Clearly mark the company’s call to action.  This will enable browsers to more adequately navigate their way through the site’s possible courses of action.

Consider the actual words being used for “buttons.”  Choose words that have strong mental connections to the purpose of the button.  Make the words bold, time-sensitive, and action-oriented.

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