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Top 15 Websites of 2012


Internet has become the need of the today; people belonging to every field of  life, use it and now if one finds any query he has internet in his hands. Tablets, and smartphones give an easy access to the websites. Thousands rather millions of websites have been developed and are developing everyday and are providing information on the related topics. Though people surf many websites for their work but some websites are frequently opened by the web surfers. There are websites available for people from all walks of life, whether a kid, an oldie, a young, a housewife, a doctor, an engineer, or anyone who knows how to surf a website.

1-  Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular websites of today’s history and is of the year 2012. It provides people to discuss their ideas and innovations. People not only use this website for the communication rather they are using it to advertise, to promote different articles and items. Tweeter is another top website that was being popularly surfed in 2012.


2-  Youtube.com

Youtube.com is the second most renowned website; it allows the web surfers to open videos on different subjects. This website provides a lot more fun, knowledge and entertainment to the user who lists this .com.

3-  Google.com

Google.com is not behind this race of website war. Google is, no doubt, the most enlisted website of the year 2012. It is a global searching website that helps you to open other websites; e.g. if you are not known to the address of a particular website on your desired subject, all you need is to enter google.com on your webpage and write the topic you are searching for and you’ll be highly amazed to find a number of websites available on your desired topic.


4-  FilesTube.com

FilesTube.com is a website popular for file sharing, many other websites for this purpose are servicing but this one is popular for its best designing and is friendly built in pages.


5- Nick

Among kids, Nick is the famous website of the year 2012. The website gives kids the opportunity to blog and to find the schedules of their favorite programs.


6-  Tumbler.com

For car lovers, the car-lover tumbler.com is a website where they find all the related information regarding the vehicle they want.


7-  BBC News

In 2012, like all other years of past, BBC News was the website always at service to cast news creating in the world.

8-  Olympic.org

As in 2012, there was an event of Olympics; so the website Olympic.org was one of the most popular websites of 2012.

9-  Holymoly

Holymoly is the website of 2012 that tells the updated information going through in music industry.

10-  webMD

webMD was the website highly liked by the doctors throughout the year 2012. The doctors login to this website to get all medical information.


11- Wikipedia

Wikipedia is also a renowned website of 2012 and the years before. Web surfers especially the students find this website helpful to accumulate information on any topic.

Discovery.com, tweeter.com, msn.com, aaple.com, Samsung.com and likewise many other websites gained popularity by the end of 2012.

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