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Top 5 leading cases of iPhone 5


Necessity of case for iPhone:

Apple iPhone seems best Smartphone in the world at present and thousand of iPhone lovers are all over the globe. Some people of them don’t care about that was happening to their mobile but some of them want to protect their device. A case help them to protect their device form water, dust, scratches and it also gives a new look to your iPhone. Some cases make your device protected from water an enable you to use your device in rain or underwater and you have not any fear of water demage. Besides this, there are some other hard (metal) goods that may create harmful situation for your device but if you had purchased a case, and then you need not to worry on this matter also. Stylish cases add some beauty to your mobile and you can choose them from wide color rang and style. There are some cases also which help you to expand your phone’s battery life.  So you can say that you feel full freedom to use your mobile with a case and your device becomes fully protected with it.

Best cases for iPhone 5

How to choose best case for iPhone:

You knew about the importance of case but there is a point now that how to choose best case for iPhone. Some cases will be good for you and some could be terrible. Before choosing a cover, we should know about basic purpose of case. We use case to protect our mobile from water, dust, metal goods and to make additional functions to Smartphone. So it is depends on you that what can be a good case for you according to your choice. If you want to guard your iPhone fully you should surely choose incase pro slider or other cases of this type. If you need more battery power for you device, than you must choose Mophie case for your iPhone. But if you want your device stylish, then you will need a case of your fashion nature. Some cases have stylish look and good protection too like Kindle Fire Keeper. Besides these points, price of case also have a big impact on selection. You will find many expensive cases and some others in normal price but it depends on your budget that what type of case you select. Some cases have more protection and functionality in low price and those might good for you. Your case should be fit, good looking and fully compatible with your phone. Finally you must choose a case which is fully fit, more attractive and more supportive for your device. But if you didn’t find any solution yet than go to salesman ask him to give you best case for your iPhone. This will be an easy option for everybody who is in confusion.

Here are best 5 Apple iPhone 5 cases detailed.

Hitcase pro for you iPhone 5:

Hitcase pro is all in one case for iPhone 5 and you can enjoy almost all features with case. It defends from water and dust and your iphone remain protected with it. It takes lens with wide that helps you to take sharp photos and to record HD quality videos. It is water resistant and fully protected. This case is designed especially for outdoor and support activities to enable you to share your action with your loved ones.

Hitcase Pro for iPhone
Full view of Hitcase Pro, A complete case for your iPhone

This case is water proof and you can go under water with your device (10m depth). This thing made it deepest underwater case available in market now. Its ShockSeal is manufactured for flexible operation and you can take your phone out after use. Then you can use it again at time of need.

Apple iPhone 5 in Rain
Water and Dust proof Hitcase, iPhone in rain with this case

This case works with combination of ShockSeal & ShockPad and both make unbroken strong wall around your iPhone and protect it from vibration. This system has thin seal against water along with speaker and microphone. You have full touch experience with tough screen. So you can make a call in rain and even play games in same environment without any tension. This case is a little expensive with $130but you will not feel it when you see great function of cover.

Mojo Hi5 bank power case for iPhone 5:

Some people do heavy work and they need long battery time.  So here is Mojo Hi5 bank case for those people who want some additional battery power. This is especially beneficial for those users who most spent most of their time in playing games, watching videos and taking snaps.  This has been created with low thickness as well as possible (18.28mm) with top quality aluminum body enclosed space which can be fitted with iPhone 5’s back. It looks so beautiful due to good finishing and exceptional form factor.

iPhone 5 with Mojo Hi5
Mojo Hi5 case to Expand battery life and protection

It has built in battery with capacity of 2500mAh that make your mobile usage double and you have better choice in emergency. You can charge your iPhone’s battery and case battery at same time. It also grooms charging of your iPhone. This cover has USB support and you can charge other devices through it by using USB data cable. This beautiful and useful Mojo Hi5 back can be purchased in $79. It weighs 110.5 grams.

Mojo Hi5 Power Case in Different Angles

Power case Mophie Juice Pack air for iPhone 5:

There is another stylish solution for iPhone 5 that expands battery life. You can get additional 10h 3G talk time with 1700mAh embedded battery in Mophie case. This almost doubles your battery live time. This case is very thinner, lighter and attractive and you get protection too with additional power. Its 1A current output enables you to charge your iPhone quickly.

Mophie iPhone Case
Mophie Juice Pack Air for additional battery Power

A switch is integrated on case to set its battery on standby and you can use battery at time of need. To ensure lightening cable connectivity, an LED is provided on case that blinks for 30 sec after connection.  Audio output is enhanced through virtual speaker box that redirecting sounds form iPhone buttons. You have easy access to volume and mute keys with this cover. You can select your case form black, metallic Red or glossy white colors. This case is unique for student, businessmen and every other person who is in search of good case. This is available in $100 price.

iPhone's Battery extender
Internal Look of Mophie Juice Air Case

Mophie Case with Different Colors

NUU Minikey for iPhone 5:

This is different type of case that helps in typing and this is best solution for those consumers who face some problems with onscreen typing. On screen keyboard have some chances of mistakes and this is a little difficulty. NUU minikey is solution for those and you can type more accurately and more quickly with its keyboard which has 42 keys. You can texting in easy mood while blogging, emailing or using facebook with this as compared to onscreen keyboard. Its keys are especially designed for typing with thumbs. Besides this, you can view full screen area while typing because on screen keyboard not appears.

NUU minikey
Full Keyboard For you iPhone 5, NUU Mini key Case

Keyboard of NUU Minikey case is backlit enabled and helps you to type easily in poor light. You can also use shortcut keys in the presence of NUU Minikey cover and command button perform tasks with some other keys like computer keyboard. Its battery is 380mAh which is rechargeable. It has microUSB charging permit. It is lighter and thinner as 84.5g and 17mm. its price is $79.

Nuu minikey for keyboard support

iPhone 5’s Leather wallet (dbramante1928):

Dbramante1928 made leather wallet for iPhone and this wallet is more beneficial for businessmen. It is manufactured simply with classic and modern design and makes protection against scratches to your Smartphone.  It is durable, stylish and functional.  You can access easily your iPhone due to its open structure. It can be easily adjusted in pocket because of its slimness and design. Its 2 years warranty, compartments for notes and credit cards attract users. You can buy it from $30 in different colors range.

dbramante1928 Leather wallet
Dbramante1928 Leather Wallet for Businessmen
lather case for iphone 5
Lather Wallet in different colors

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