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Top Laptops makers of 2013, 10 Brand

There are a lot of companies in market who are making laptop. Every brand is tried to make best device and this thing has create a very tough compaction among them. Some brands make their value in market due to their fantastic built quality like Apple, Acer, Sony, Samsung, Lenovo and HP. You should know about these when you are going to purchase any laptop because it is to be used by you. So you must choose a best brand and best laptop. Here are top 10 laptops brand that are leading in 2013.

top 10 laptop brands of 2013


Apple Inc is known all over the world due to its very solid built quality. This is American based company and it’s headquarter is situated in California. Last year, Apple has made $36 billion revenue with exact $8.2 billion profit. Main item that make more profit was MacBook. Its laptops are available with very smooth performance. It had made its own OS and price will be above than $1000 if you go to purchase. MacBooks are too good if you see on their design, keyboard and touchpad performance, battery life and display quality. Customers can also contact Apple support provided on website for any problems and issues. This may be a little expansive but very good brand. Its CEO is Timothy D. Cook.

top laptop maker Apple

HP Hewlett Packard

This is also an American based brand that is based in California. This is big multinational brand which is making laptops, software, providing products with latest technologies and giving good services. HP’s CEO is Margaret Cushing Whitman. HP has made its value after making combination with Compaq. Its 2012 revenue is about $120 billion. This is very old brand and making laptops and computers form a long time. They have delivered best standard stuff but it may be little expensive. Now they have started making notebooks at competition of other brands and have price lower than $500.

HP laptop manufacturer


Everybody knows about big brand Lenovo which a Chinese multinational corporation. It is awarded as 2012’s second big PC seller. It takes over IBM business which was an American based company and it has business of $29.5 billion in 2012. Its CEO is Yang Yuanqing. Its laptops and notebooks come with high price than other laptops of same category but they have very superb built quality. You’ll find Lenovo as big competitor of HP, Dell and Sony etc. their devices bring good hardware in terms of display, sound, processor, keyboard and graphics. You can choose it if you need machine of high quality.

no 1 laptops maker lenovo


Acer is 4th biggest PC maker and seller in market. This big brand belongs to Taiwan and its CEO is JT Wang. It had make 16.18 billion dollars last year. Its best laptops and notebook are available in aspire series in recent days. It make laptops with little high price but built quality is very good for machines in Acer series. It had faced some problems in past in display quality and connectivity but now they have over come on these issues.



Another big PC maker is Dell that is also an American multinational brand. It is seems to be 3rd biggest seller of the world in terms of PCs. This corporation makes $63.07 billion in its revenue in year of 2012. Micheal S. Dell is current CEO of Dell Inc. But in last year, Dell’s sale become 21% lower that can affect its business. This brand has made a lot of most famous laptops and notebooks.  Laptops mostly come with all basic features and low price but you will also find very good laptops also in high price for good stuff. You should choose Dell to buy regular laptop.

Dell beautiful logo


Samsung Corporation Ltd is placed as multinational brand in “Suwon” South Korea. Its revenue is $52.4 billion to be found in 2012 which makes good profit. This brand has made a lot of very heavy electronic products like as laptops, notebooks and Smartphones. Kwon Oh hyun is CEO of Samsung Inc. It had improved built quality of their laptops after success of Galaxy Smartphones. You will find all of its products in very good design including laptops. You can purchase good device in $500 but if you need heavy laptop than you will have pay upto $1500 with selection particular of hardware.

Samsung electronics limited


Asus Inc is very big name if we talk about electronics products. This is also a Taiwanese multinational and Jerry Shen is CEO of this computer company. It makes a lot of products including laptops, mobiles, LCDs, notebooks and workstations. It earned $565 million form income of $14.73. This brand is particularly famous to make small size notebooks. If you need cheep notebook then you should this brand because you will find its products with very lower price even you can purchase some of its products just in $200. Its manufactured goods have large color rang and attractive design. This is the reason to make it almost best seller of notebooks since past two years. Little problem which can be faced by you is poor performance of keyboard and touchpad.

asus, leading brand


It is multinational brand of Japan which has its main office in Tokyo. This is very big company which is providing TV, video games, laptops, different products for entertainment and especially Smartphones. CEO of this incorporation is Kazuo Hirai and it has $72.349 billion business in 2012. It is popular brand and makes laptops of brilliant quality. It makes laptops little bit luxurious but they have very good keyboard, long battery life and HD hardware to get better performance. It had done well in multimedia features and vast range of colors.

Sony electronics


Toshiba is also Japanese brand and its headquarters located in Tokyo. Its president is Norio Sasaki and this company has business of $61.7 billion in year 2012. This brand has motto to give services like communications, information technology and also to made electronic products. This will be best laptop for you if you are looking for budget laptop. In some past time, it was unable to make good keyboards & touchpads for laptops but they had improved quality now. You will not find any disturbance now. In short, if you need a laptop with low price and for rough use then you should have a check on Toshiba devices. Most popular and latest stuff is available in satellite series.

toshiba laptops


This brand makes slim laptops than other brands in market. Its laptops are liked because of their slimness, good design and HD quality. Some of their big laptops are Gateway P 7805u FX, Gateway M 6824, Gateway E 295C/C, Gateway T 6828 and Gateway NV5214U. You can buy these within reasonable price range. This company has $806.8 million business in 2012. It is placed in America at California. James Edward Coleman is current CEO of this multinational.

gateway icon

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