Top Reasons Web Design is One of the Best Jobs to Have

Any career related to the internet is a relatively new progression. Before 1983, nothing resembling the internet even existed. It wasn’t even until the year 1990 that the internet that we know today even began to take form. Tim Berners-Lee invented this thing called the World Wide Web in 1989. He also wrote HTML, URI, and HTTP, the number one components that make the web possible.

Since this moment in time, only 26 years later, the world has been completely transformed and today, there are almost one billion websites on the internet. This reality is the reason why web design is a great job for you to have.

The Industry is Still Growing

The last thing you want to do is spend your college days studying to obtain a degree for an industry that might die out in a couple of years. Due to technology, there are many jobs that simply won’t be around. Examples of such include desktop publishers, postal service mail sorters and the like, and anything that has to do with machinery operators. The reason being? Technology can do it by itself.

People have feared this for a long time. What comes next? Robots taking over the world? Who knows, but the progression of technology isn’t stopping. There are very few degrees, besides maybe in the medical field, that will give you job security. With web design, you’re practically promised a job because the industry is still growing. People will always need help designing their websites so that they can be a presence in this growing online world.

Creativity Rules

Web design is great because you get to tap into your creative side. It’s all about inventive problem solving and presenting a product to a market that intrigues them, gives them information, and keeps them coming back for more. If you’re artistic, yet organized, then web design is the best job for you hands down.

The jobs that you can get as a web designer will always push you to think outside of the box and innovate the way that the internet physically looks. You are literally changing the internet. Have you ever thought about it like that?

You Can Work For Yourself

Though there are many companies you can work for that specialize in web design, the opportunities for you to branch out and work for yourself are endless. You’re the one doing all the work anyway, so why not make it official.

Once you’ve learned the basics, you can branch off and create your own culture in the world of web design. You can make your own rules, and soon enough, you’ll have clients coming to you because they like the way you do things. There is so much power in being a web designer. You are literally creating the future.

Besides job security, a creative outlet, and the chance to be independent, web design offers so much more to an individual. As if you didn’t already spend your life online, now you’re creating online. This means that you basically rule the future, and therefore rule the world. There’s really no competition. Web design is the best job ever.

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