Transparent Caller 1.1 Best APK Android calling App Free Download

Transparent Caller 1.1 uninterepting wotking on androids download
Transparent Caller 1.1 free download android application

Transparent Caller 1.1 is best android application for background trenchancy while calling. This is free version of APK android app and can be download from link given at the end of page. This is best app ever for them who don’t call while they play games and calls create interception. Transparent caller allows user to play game or do work with incoming calls.

Pop up app appears when someone calls.

User need not to stop work on incoming calls.

Users can accept or reject calls while ringing.

It is easy to use and you need just on or off to start or stop app.

Size of app is just 1.2 MB.

Version of Application Transparent Caller 1.1.

Requirement: Android 2.2 and above.

Application shows a pop up screen with complete information of caller while you were doing some work. You can then pick call without any interception. Download this APK app for free and enjoy. Have a nice day!

Free download apk app transparent caller best android calling


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