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Upcoming Features for WordPress 3.2 Release


The much anticipated WordPress 3.1 release was filled with major bug fixes and provided a great addition to the blogging software. There were many fans complaining with lack of support for IIS6 on Microsoft Servers. These were directly addressed in the previous release and pave the way for some great new mentions for 3.2.

wordpress 3.2 features

The system is being adapted for release and promises an even faster solution than anything before. There have been some total system updates and for those less tech-savvy it means you’ll be downloading fewer files and installing more blogs in no time at all!

Developer Notes

In an updated March 2011 blog post we get a message from lead WordPress developer Mark Jaquith. He promises a faster release cycle than with 3.1 which could be attributed to more developers working on laser-targeted code libraries.

wordpress 3.2 features

One of the most significant facts released mentions dropping support for PHP4 and MySQL4. Yes you read that properly, WordPress is finally upgrading to solely PHP5 material! This means so much more opportunity for OOP classes running throughout the core framework. The release of PHP 5.2 has been modernized enough where WordPress’ transition shouldn’t be a surprise to any web developers in the field.

Much of the developer notes include cosmetic touch-ups to areas such as the New Post and Dashboard panels. These are where website admins will spend most of their time logged-in. The opportunity for speed increase also comes with the upgrade to quicker MySQL calls or eloquent programming SQL queries.

Adaptive Interfaces

The fullscreen writing panel seems to offer much more for authors and bloggers alike. Whether you’re writing to fill in page content or blasting out new blog posts it’s important you recognize each addition to the previously cluttered backend.

wordpress 3.2 features

wordpress 3.2 features

The admin bar also has been given some updates to keep unobtrusive. When you’re browsing the site it’s often complicated to be editing pages and moving between backend and frontend code. The tweaks added into the administration panel makes running a WordPress blog easier than ever!. You can also check a post on WPBeginner about new features and admin layout.

wordpress 3.2 features

The auto-upgrading process has also been enhanced through the backend system. This means you may not notice very much different throughout the upgrades, although you will appreciate the hard work WP dev’s have put in. If you’d like to look into this a bit further check out this Techie Buzz article which outlines a few of the changes.

Release Stage Beta 1

As of May 12, 2011 we have seen the beta 1 release stage open to the public. It is recommended to download and test the software if you’re a true WordPress fanboy.

It is also mentioned quite clearly this code is within testing stages and should not be installed over a live website. Consider installing a local server on your computer to mess around with the latest beta release. The WordPress community is often very resourceful so they appreciate bug reports from users.

wordpress 3.2 features

The new Twenty Eleven theme is based off the popular WordPress Duster theme. They share many qualities including rotating header images and post format support. It is difficult to find templates supporting the many styles of post formats of the modern WordPress blog. I personally was very excited to see this addition into the 3.2 release!

Out with the Old…

And in with the new! Not mentioned anywhere else is the dropping of IE6 support from the administration panel. The WordPress team and all developers from Automattic are very supportive of modern web browsing standards. They take this issue personally to heart, in every sense of the phrase.

wordpress 3.2 features

Thus compliance with older browsers such as Netscape and IE6 have been removed from the Admin panel altogether. If you log into your WordPress 3.2 admin with an outdated browser you’ll be referenced directly to browse happy. It’s a fun loving website which grabs the attention of even the technologically impaired and offers solutions for upgrading.


These are just a few ideologies to get WordPress lovers drooling. The release candidate should be out sooner than later as reported on the WordPress developer’s blog. The updates have been consistently regular and boast some fantastic ideologies.

Similarly if you are interested in testing the latest beta release I highly recommend spending 20-30 minutes familiarizing yourself with the changes. WordPress codex has some steps for bug reports if you’d like to help out the hard working WordPress devs. Similarly if you have ideas for the next release feel free to share them in the comments portion below.

It is unknown where WordPress 3.2 will take us. The new themes are fantastic and more support is being given to the Admin Dashboard with each release. This is one giant leap forward and personally I’m psyched to see what ideas are in store for WP4.0!

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