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Here It is What You Have Been Waiting For – Google Unveil New Achievement


Google started its work on changing the look of Google bar and it took almost six months for the company to come up with the brand new simple and minimalistic look of the website. Hence the basic idea was to modify the search engine in a way that it appears further simple and easier for the users. The Google bar which has options of search, maps, translate, news, and Gmail thus the various Google products are now being beautifully cut down to give further tough competition to competitors.

Implementation of Modification

As Google is one of the high tech advanced companies, the redesigning didn’t take much of an effort. The result was quick and the response went higher than the anticipated response. The implementation however made it faster for the Google users to navigate more swiftly between all Google apps and service in a much more convenient manner.

The Actual Transformation

The major change was the shift of horizontal bar which appears black in color at the top of the Google page now appear in a drop down manner under the logo of Google. In addition to this, a list of links, according to every user’s interest, will automatically appear on the screen as soon as one drops down the Google bar. Besides this, more links could be added to the links section as per interest and preference of individual users.

Google Bar Screenshot

New Navigation Bar


Google App Launcher

Benefits of New Google Drop Down

  • The Google plus drop down list would provide nine services to the users at a glance
  • The popular services include, search, Google +, maps, Gmail, drive, YouTube, calendar. All these icons will appear in the form of grid, 3 in each column as well as in a row.
  • Additional links are also available but will only be visible when the users click for them. These include; Translate, Wallet, Offers, Books, Blogs, etc.
  • This additional feature is time saving for the users.
  • It simplifies the appearance of the website which is one of the biggest attractions for users.
  • Instead of hyper links a simple way to connect with all the Google services is now being made available with the help of new launcher.

Although there are few drawbacks as well but they are so minimal that we can ignore them in front of the better benefits, hence the effort made by Google to minimize its menu is commendable and helpful from user’s point of view.

Source Google Blog Post

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