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Useful Tips on Marco Photography And Amazing Pictures


Macro photography is often named as macrograph. This is a type of photography in which close up of the objects are taken. Usually shots of small insignificant objects are taken in a way that every invisible part of their body appears to be prominent and large. Macrograph plays an essential role in animal and insect life discovery. Hence this photographic technique has played an important role in the development of science of zoology.

Facts About Macro Photography

Select the Perfect Lens and Adjust its Zoom According to Your Picture Need

The lens range between 50 mm to 200 mm is good for macro photography. The most suitable lens would be between the ranges of 50 mm to 60 mm for better macro photo results. However one must check the magnification and zoom setting of the lens before making a purchase. If your object is far distant, for instance you want to take pictures of flying objects then you may go for 150 mm to 200 mm lens. These are the most expensive ones but would cater the need in the accurate manner.

Add Tubes to Standard Zoom to Have a Much Wider Macro Effect in the Photo

If you are planning to capture pictures of small objects which are almost as minuet as unseen you may add tubes between your camera body and the lenses. This would enhance your camera focus and would help you have bigger and closer view of the small objects. The result of the photos would be also clear and magnified. Usually 20 mm tubes are good enough to give acceptable results.

Make Lens Focus More Appropriate by Adding Dioptre

Close up filters are relatively cheap alternative for expensive lenses. However the result of the picture could be smoother if you place a close up filter in front of the object and then click a picture with macro lens. These close-up filters come in different range of strengths which means they have different zoom effects on the object. The measurement of these close-up filters is in dioptre. Which are usually available in the form of sets such as +1, +2, +3, +4.hence these close up filters works as a bridge to have a more close up shot of the object.

Control the depth of the frame

To attain the best suitable depth of an object you need to be very careful about apertures. The smaller the aperture the better will be depth of your object exposed in the macro photo. Most suitable apertures range between f/16 to f/22.but for more sharp images you need to adjust aperture much lowers as in the range of f/2 to f/4.


The above given guidance would play an important role to make your macro photographs different and more exploring as compare to others. Hence this is a true form of arts which needs lot of creativity and sense of imagination. The utilization of correct set of tools at correct time is the hidden success element for macro photographer.

Here are some inspiring photographs:

Solitary Bee

Lady Bug

Dandelion Seeds

Miniature Model Cars

Ember Parrotfish, Maldives


Leatherwing Beetle

Winged Insect, Singapore

Euphorbia Plant

Black Spider

Insect on Paper

Pulsatilla Plant

source: photography.nationalgeographic.com

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