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10 Valentine’s Gifts You Should Not Give Her


Gone are the days when your woman would actually be happy to have you gift her teddy bear or any other stuff toy that apparently is meant to signify your love for her. Women are practical and desire practical love which means, practical gifts too. So do not gift her any toy that she is most certainly not in the age frame to play with. We don’t want you sleeping on the road on Valentine’s Day.

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What else? Need a list?

  • Don’t gift her something too practical. The main purpose of romance and concept of appeal and attraction must be maintained on this particular day. Do not gift her crockery or anything you might think may help her in the kitchen. Do not gift her apron or a pair of scissors or kitchen knife for that matter. She will probably use it to kill you with it, just kidding but in fact these things should not be gifted at all.
  • It won’t be a good idea to gift her bedspread or bed sheet either. No matter how pretty you may think it is. It is her day, not your beds. Give her something that makes her feel special.
  • Do not plan a gift trip to some relative’s place thinking that it might make your lady happy. Believe me, it won’t. Valentine’s entire purpose is to ensure that the two of you get your time alone together. Make sure you don’t forget that. Even if you wish to take her out somewhere, take her to some place where the two of you can connect and spend time together alone.
  • If you plan to gift a laptop or maybe a new cell phone, Valentine’s Day might not be the best of days to do that.
  • New towels aren’t any good either.
  • If you are thinking to gift her shoes, then it is not a good time for such type of present.
  • Don’t buy her clothes unless you are absolutely sure you know what kind she’ll like exactly. The last thing you want is to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing which she fails to like at all. Women can be very picky when it comes to their attire so be absolutely certain before you make such a move.
  • Pens, even expensive ones, won’t be a great idea to gift her on this romantic day. Unless they signify something emotional or romantic, avoid making such a move.
  • Chocolates can be great, but she’s on a diet this is one thing that can get you killed.
  • Don’t ever gift flowers without a card or note showing how much she means to you. That would be an absolute disaster.

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