Valeria Lukyanova – A Ukrainian Human Barbie Doll

You might have seen Barbie dolls several times in toy-shops or in children’s room. Have you ever thought that you would see a Barbie doll in real life? A 23 years Old Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova is exactly what you think about a Barbie doll in real life. Yes there is a real Barbie doll as human being. She is as slim as Barbie doll. She maintains her body that make her look like Human Barbie doll. She enhances her appearance through make-up. She has natural blue eyes. But she has accepted that she went through a surgery to implant her breasts only to have a perfect look of Barbie Doll. Apart from that, her body is completely natural. It’s hard to believe that how she maintains her body, exactly like a Barbie doll.








Valeria Lukyanova has achieved “Miss Diamond Crown of the World” in 2007 which is a worldwide beauty contest award. She was chosen for this award out of 300 contestants. She got fame once she posted her photos on the web. “I am a professional mountaineer”, she expressed in an interview. Valeria Lukyanova is a very bold young lady and is fond of travelling. She is not afraid of taking risks as she thinks that music is a way through which you can express your energetic feelings. She not only sings but also writes songs as well.

She believes in ‘Breatharianism’- one who believes that life is possible without food and water because light and air are the main source of life. Breatharians believe in ‘cosmic micro-food’. She practically thinks that she does not need food and water anymore for the survival of her life. Valeria Lukyanova has faith that she has reached at the highest level of Breatharianism that she will be able to manage merely on air and light. Valeria Lukyanova desires to be the perfectionist in her faith.

She has some weird beliefs about herself. She considers herself a spiritual teacher one who can talk to aliens. Further she claims that she can travel in time and space. She is going to make such a documentary in which she will disclose all her odd claims related to spirituality. She asserts that she belongs to another planet-probably Venus. She is doubtful regarding planet but she is rigid to believe that she is a human being. Her husband has some construction-related work and he is Valeria Lukyanova’s manager as well.

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