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4 Video Sharing Sites That Are Alternatives to YouTube


YouTube is the 3rd most visited site over the internet. Though YouTube is the most popular one for uploading videos but it does not means that it is the daintiest. Want to know why? Let’s go through some of the weaknesses of YouTube which eventually invited its competitors in the market.

  • YouTube freezes the accounts of its users and after that you can’t get through it ever.
  • YouTube has introduced a section of infamous comments which is much annoying when your comments become a part of that division.
  • YouTube has its own guidelines which have to be follow while uploading the video otherwise it would be deleted.

These shortcomings of YouTube have given a way to other sites which are good enough to challenge the credibility of the famous YouTube.

We are here to guide you about the best substitutes of YouTube in case if it falls down. The article will also make you aware about the usefulness of the substitutes as why you should use them.


You may not find this site much known in United States but in other countries, it comes next to YouTube. It’s a fast and efficient video site without any specific guidelines. It’s an easy to use application with nice features; you will never see your content being removed from the site. It has fast video upload speed with high quality picture. You can upload up to 150 mb data there with 20 minutes video length.



If you want to upload high quality videos presenting your artwork, Vimeo is your place. Mp4 creators and moviemakers introduced this site for the people who want to share their creativity to the world. It allows you to upload 500 MB a week and on upgrading it maximize up to 2 GB. Many Hollywood Musicians use this site to release their new or old songs. It’s a smooth and user friendly site. And one thing more; have you noticed that Vimeo is an anagrammatization of word movie?


Surprisingly, Flickr is not only for pictures, you can also upload videos on it. It allows a video of 90 seconds to keep it interesting and occupying. Without upgrading your account, you can upload 2 videos a month on Flickr. If you want more, you have to maintain a pro Flickr account to continue which comes in as lower as $25 a year.


Animoto is not only a video hosting site but offers such animations and tools which take your videos to the next level. Several images, themes, presets are available in Animoto which saves your time efficiently. If you choose its highest package, it will offer you helpful tools like maximum length videos, download HD videos, high definition themes and over 500 tracks.

These sites are user friendly and provide better services as compared to YouTube; it saves your contents, offers you effective techniques to upload in a better and reliable way.

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