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Vintage Images in Depositphotos


With their global reputation, Depositphotos has already known as one of the microstock site selling various kinds of images and videos. If we look up in the image category, we can see it is divided into several categories, such as photo, vector, illustration, and so forth. Discussing common images like those mentioned before may be a bit too usual. So, let us dig a bit more into this site’s library and see what they have got.


From all the categories, there is one that will be discussed in this article. That “lucky” category is vintage images. Yes, this style of image is quite popular, but not often discussed. In this website, vintage image is put in the same category with retro; the category link read “Vintage & Retro.” However, vintage is actually a bit different with retro, even though both represent old style image within an era or period in the past. Retro derives from Latin word means “backward.” Retro image is more identical with French art and fashion. This art is more like the art during 1950’s until 1980’s. Meanwhile, vintage images represent the era when the great wine was begun to be stored in their wooden casks which is between 1900’s until 1940’s. Many people think that things that had already past are all vintage and retro. That is not the case, actually.

Vintage Image

Vintage labels set From Depositphotos.com

To be more precise in looking for vintage images, you can use search function on this website. The result will show more than 800 thousand good looking vintage images. New stock files are added almost daily so will see this number increase though. As you expected, there will be brown everywhere in this section. Of course, because vintage is very identical with this color to represent its oldness. However, there are still some colorful images but does not leave the taste of vintage art itself.

In this collection, there are some patterns and background with nice vintage theme. The vehicles trending at that time such as bicycle, early car, train, and others are also used as the main theme of some of these images. Besides that, advertisement posters which always become the favorite theme for vintage images are also available. For example a vintage advertisement of a hotdog like shown below.

Vintage Dog

Hot dog vintage sign From Depositphotos.com

For more convenient and accurate search, you can use the advance search option on the left panel. Here you can adjust more detail variable for your search, such as name of contributor, file type or size.

Although most of the vintage images in Depositphotos are really matched the criteria, some of them are still too modern to be said vintage, like the use of racing car, or other modern theme. In spite of that, this website has tried to provide its buyers with the best images that they can provide, including the vintage images.

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