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VR Glasses in your First Aid Kit and 8 More AR/VR/MR Applications


Virtual and augmented reality are the latest media. As all new media, they are criticized and sometimes even ostracized. People wonder whether they are safe and practical to use. It took 15 years to adapt to the thought that a personal computer is a necessity, not a gimmick. It takes some time to get used to VR, AR, and MR in mundane life. Yet, in 10 years these technologies will be fully integrated in our lives. How will a typical day of a typical person look like in 10 years?

It will start with the meditation in VR. By that time neuroscientists will finally persuade us that meditation is essential. Luckily, there are plenty of VR apps for meditation that can carry users to the most beautiful places of the world, Japanese gardens in the spring or on the bottom of the ocean. Take a look at all the options here. Workout in VR will be easier than you think: you put on your HMD and have your personal trainer standing in front of you. It’s much more comfortable than going to a gym.

Driving a car will also be more comfortable: with augmented reality windshield drivers will have all the information in front of their eyes: hazards, the distance between cars, and even Facebook notifications. Conferences at a virtual reality space will become a great alternative to packing suitcases and going abroad to see the whole team.

Virtual reality meeting is also a great chance to choose the avatar of your dreams. Batman can be free, for example. But these are not all the mundane VR applications, some of them will be very unexpected, like pain management. Scientists proved that VR can be as effective as regular painkillers. So in 10 years, you can have VR glasses in your first aid kit.

Shopping with the help of AR shopping apps will definitely go mainstream. It is already popular but in 10 years it will be even trivial. No need to go anywhere to choose clothes or cosmetics. Just download AR shopping app and enjoy. VR will also bring entertainment to the new level: VR games will become even more immersive while VR broadcasting will help us attend any concert in any part of the world.

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