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Ways to Improve Drawing & How to Draw Skeleton Face and Skull


We will learn how to draw skeleton in this tutorial. Drawing is unique art which is not very common. If you want to learn more techniques of drawing shapes visit my recent post How To Draw Anime Angry Bird For Game Development Any person who is well educated and have some sense can draw easily by knowing some useful tips. Well if you are not educated but you know how to write then after some practice you can draw easily. To learn skills of draw you have to know some factors. After then you need practice.  Some of the instructions are as follows which you must learn 1) Practice 2) Time 3) Desire 4) More Practice. Below you will find some cool essential tips of drawing make sure you are good enough to read all of them.

Drawing an Art & Skill:

Drawing is an art and a skill which is learnt by passion. You can’t say any one that he/she knows how to draw by birth it’s practice passion and confidence. You ever imagine that you can’t draw.

how to draw anime skeleton face

Draw Something:

  • Do not hesitate when you are going to draw something. Just take out paper and start drawing what you want. When you will engage in this process you will start learning about drawings.
  • When you will do practice you will learn more. You will learn new tactics that how to draw more complex diagram more than these.



how to draw anime skeleton face

Looking at the drawings:

  • If you want learn more look at the drawings of others. When you look at other drawings you will see and learn new techniques of drawings.
  • When you look at the other drawing you will have to take care of following things. Look for the shape which is being drawn, look for the lines, edges and angles.

how to draw anime skeleton face

Draw from Real Life:

  • Try to analyse real world. See things around your. See natural things try to sketch what comes in your mind. Try to sketch carefully and in a quiet environment.
  • You can also draw from photographs. You can use carbon paper in the starting stages to sketch the borders and basic structures.

how to draw anime skeleton face

Keep a Personal Diary or Sketch Book:

  •  Fill already made sketches try to give a unique shape. In the following skull images you can download image number 2 and proceed further for drawing skull shape. 
  • Always take notes when you learn anything new from any source. Keep your list vast so you can use them later as a tips for drawing.

how to draw anime skeleton face

Final Results:

how to draw anime skeleton face


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