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Web Design Basics For Small Business Entrepreneurs


While every web designer has a different vision in mind about what they want their website to look like, there is a common set of base standards that most developers tend to use as a guideline as they build.  One irrefutable fact is that web users give a site very little time to pique their interests upon arrival.

Due to the way in which search engines sort information, and the way in which people absorb information, there are a few essential design elements that every website should include in order to be effective.  Take a moment to look over this short synopsis of a few of the most basic elements of web design that every small business website should include.

Enriching content spreads the word

Though the content throughout the website should be enriching, it is even better to build an exciting and informative blog presence.  A website with a wide variety of excellent blog posts is a hot commodity in web design.  Articles archived on a site’s blog should be informative and relevant to the subject matter of the website. Check out this excellent example.

Relevancy will assure that only a targeted demographic is attracted.  Blog entries that draw the attention of hundreds of viewers spread the existence of a business’s website to a vast array of potential customers.  Blog posts can also help build an intricate web of backlinks to boost web traffic on the site.

Easy to follow navigational options

People no longer practice patience.  They want to find everything with ease, and sometimes, they have no idea as to what exactly they are seeking.  A website’s design should make it easy. Navigation should be as natural as possible.

For example, the average web user would click on “contact us” to find an organization’s contact information or an interactive message box that is monitored by company professionals.  It would not make sense to link those words to any other information or to exclude such a fundamental element of business on a business website.

Build a human connection with visitors

For business websites, especially, it is important to develop some level of human connection with visitors.  An excellent way to get that proverbial ball rolling is to set up a fancy “about us” page on the site.  Let visitors see who it is they will be conversing with if they choose to interact with the business in some way. Give a bit of basic information about some of the key players in the business, and share the team’s mission statement.

Stay available and interact with the public

One of the most critical aspects of any website is its ability to connect with visitors.  Communication is vital to business and for bettering the site’s overall design.  When people feel heard, they tend to respond positively.

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