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What is ‘Google Wallet’ and How Secure is it?

What is ‘Google Wallet‘ and how secure is it? Google Wallet is software that allows mobile android smart-phone owners to pay for goods online and in the shops with their mobile devices. The idea is to leave your real wallet at home and use your phone for all day to day purchases. The app can be used with all major credit and debit cards. The Google Wallet app can be downloaded from an android app store or from the Google home page.


How does Google Wallet work?

Basically it is an app downloaded to your phone or mobile device. The app will allow you to store virtually everything you’ll find in your wallet. This could be credit cards, debit cards, bank account details. It will also be able to display tickets and passes. All this information can be either stored on your device or up in a cloud. In theory, it frees the user from having to carry about a wallet full of cash, credit cards etc.

Is Google Wallet safe?

The question “is Google Wallet safe to use and what are the risks?” will concern most people. The answer in short is yes it is safe to use. The user has different ways to lock down the account. Recently remote shut down is a new feature has been added to Google wallet to make it even more secure.

Are credit and debit cards secure?

You can add to the Google Wallet app all your credit and debit card information. Once you have added cards to the device they are recorded and ready to use. You can now make purchases wirelessly. All transactions are recorded on your mobile device instantly for you to see at a glance. All you purchase history can be found on the Google Wallet and you can opt to have emails sent to your inbox.

Stored cards are highly secured on Google servers. This means your card details are not recorded on your phone because they are held in a cloud. Only you with your wallet ID can assess your cards. The wallet ID consists of a pin number of your own choosing, which you create yourself online. The pin number is kept in a secure storage area of your mobile device.

What if I lose my phone and someone has my Google Wallet details?

In the unlikely event somebody gets your mobile device with all your details, you may have a problem. However, Google’s answer for this particular scenario is Remote Disabling. This service remotely resets your wallet making it unusable. The only way to resolve a reset is to re-enter all the account details once more back into the device.

The bottom line is Google Wallet is a secure as it gets.  Even those with business intelligence training are approving of this new payment method. Mobile payment technology will no doubt continue to improve over time. Paying for goods using a mobile device is gaining in popularity and may be the preferred way to make purchases in the future.

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