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90,000 WordPress Blogs Got Attacked


Breaking in, unfortunately, is very common these days. Thugs and goons break into your homes and offices, and steal your valuables. The internet age has its own thugs. These thugs are called hackers, and the breaking and entering they do is into your personal cyber space! There are even mass hacker attacks; and one such attack caused the poor bloggers on WordPress a lot of heart ache.

Wordpress Hack

These mega attacks were no less than those by “Skynet” in “Terminator III” affecting 90,000 blogs so far. The hackers just eased through the WordPress accounts in an attempt to guess passwords. They have a series of common passwords in their arsenal to break the WordPress codes. The more experienced users of WordPress understand the risks and use complicated passwords, but the poor ones who are use easy to remember passwords are but helpless preys to these cyber sharks.

After compromising the user’s system, the hackers waft the blog into a botnet. A botnet is a cluster of poor, uncompromised systems, communicating with each other; and are often used for online attacks. The blogs that are housed on web servers are useful on this system. Like a progressive virus, the servers on a botnet can attack and compromise multiple machines and increase their strength.

The real objective of a botnet is unknown, because it cannot benefit much from access to multiple blogs. That being said, a zombie force of 90,000 machines can create a lot of destruction, specifically in denial-of-service attacks.

How do we keep these evil thieves of cyber space out of our blogs? According to Matt Mullenweg, a WordPress founder; consistently changing the “admin” username password is a big help. Moreover, having a strong password, turning into two steps authentication and updating to the latest versions of WordPress softwares is mandatory.

So all you WordPress bloggers out there: be careful and secure your blogs. For those of you who have already had their blogs hacked, well, hard luck! But immediate damage control can be done by changing your username and password and pray for a miracle!

via Mashable

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