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WordPress Custom Fields – Tutorials and Plugins


Using WordPress custom fields you can enhance the power of WordPress. Custom fields are additional data that you can add to your posts and pages. In this post i have listed numerous tutorials that will uncover the power of custom fields. Other than tutorials there is a list of some plugins which will make the utilization of custom fileds easier and productive.

wp custom fields

Tutorials for Working with Custom Fields in WordPress

Using WordPress Custom Fields: Introduction

This short article from Justin Tadlock gives an introduction to WordPress custom fields, and it is really the opening publish to some series about custom fields.

Using WordPress Custom Fields

The WordPress Codex gives some documentation on the topic of custom fields. Codex will answer many question on this subject and good to use as reference.

A Tutorial on WordPress Custom Field

In this tutorial Jin Yang describes custom fields and shows how they are utilized to customize your blog post by styling the background.

WordPress Custom Fields 101: Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

This article will share a step by step guide to use WordPress Custom Fields and a list of cool things. So this article will show you the way custom fields can extend the power of WordPress.

WordPress Custom Fields, Part I: The Basics

There are two parts on subject of custom fields. The first one will give you basic informations. Like you will learn how to ad custom images to post.

WordPress Custom Fields: Part 2 – Tips and Tricks

This is the second part of the above mentioned tutorial, which discuss in detail on working with custom fields. You will learn how to display the custom filed data onlfy if a custom field exists.

WordPress Custom Fields: Adding Images to Posts

This tutorial will explain to you how you can add images to your posts using WordPress custom fields. It’s the third part of the Using WordPress Custom Fields Series.

Add Thumbnails to WordPress with Custom Fields

Within this tutorial, become familiar with how you can easily add pictures, lead image, along with other extras to individual posts in WordPress.

WordPress Custom Fields: Laying Text Over Your Lead Graphic

Create a blog that looks more different than others by taking the advantage of custom fields. Derek Punsalan shows you how to accomplish this.

How to Easily Get the Value of a Custom Field

Nowadays, most modern WordPress themes uses custom fields, to show a thumbnail near the post excerpt, or for any additional data. Here’s a custom function, created by Matt Varone, to easily get any custom field value.

An Easy Way to Get the Contents of a Custom Field

In this particular article Nathan Grain shows a way to possess the items in the custom area by using less code. His approach involves editing the functions.php file, they describes.

How to Display Multiple Values of a Custom Field Key

This article demonstrates how you can use custom fields in scenarios where a post may have zero, one or multiple values of the same custom code.

Display Inline Ads with Custom Fields and WordPress

Learn how to use custom fields to dispaly Adsense and other ads to specific posts. There are many plugins to perform such tasks but this tutorial will show how to do it manually.

How to Add Videos to Your WordPress Sidebar

This is another aricle by Justin, in which he shows how to add YouTube videos to sidebar, usging custom fields. It will dsiplay the latest video from a category titled “Video” on the sidebar of the blog.

WordPress Custom Fields: Listing a Series of Posts

If you have written posts in a series and want to list all posts in the series, this tutorial will teach you how to do it. The posts in series will be diplayed like related posts.

In Praise of WordPress Template Tags: Part 2

Darren Hoyt teaches how to use custom fields to show Template Tags.

Plugins for Working with Custom Fields

Apart from above tutorials there are numerous plugins that make it easier to use custom fields.

Custom Fields Shortcode

The Custom Field Template plugin adds the default custom fields on the Write Post/Page. The template format is almost same as the one of the rc:custom_field_gui plugin.

Custom Field Images

Use custom fields as shortcode in post content without editing your theme files.

Custom Field Taxonomies

Custom fields are great for storing various meta data about a post. However, if you routinely need to display posts that have a certain custom field value, you should consider switching to a custom taxonomy, which is better suited for grouping posts.

Advanced Custom Field Widget

The Advanced Custom Field Widget is an extension of the Custom Field Widget by Scott Wallick, and displays values of custom field keys, allowing post- and page-specific meta sidebar content.

Custom Field List Widget

This plugin creates sidebar widgets with lists of the values of custom fields. The listed values can be (hyper-)linked in different ways.

WP Custom Fields Search

This plugin allows multiple form inputs to be configured to search different aspects of a post including custom fields.

More Fields

Adds any number of extra fields in any number of additional boxes on the Write/Edit page in the Admin.

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