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How to Write a Comparative Essay


Writing comparative essays is a task that Philosophy undertakes, almost always. It consists in giving the written opinion on two positions, which are compared between them to arrive at a final conclusion. Do you know how to write a comparative essay? On a website we explain step by step how to do it.

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Steps to follow:

First, you must be clear about what themes you will address in your essay: what you want to explain and under what positions or perspectives you will do.

Begin with a general introduction that establishes the similarity between the two subjects, then move to the focus of the essay in concrete. The reader should understand which points will be evaluated and which points will not be considered in the comparison. At the end of the introduction, state your preference or describe the meaning of the two subjects.

Then you should describe the first position you are going to address. Make a detailed statement of the characteristics, the history, its consequences and any development you deem appropriate. Continue your comparative essay by exposing the characteristics of the second position on what you want to lecture, deepen as much as in the first.

Examples of how to write a comparative essay:

Paragraph 1: Teamwork of Messi.
Paragraph 2: Teamwork by Ronaldo.
Paragraph 3: Ball stopped Messi.
Paragraph 4: Ball stopped by Ronaldo.
Paragraph 5: Achievements of Messi.
Paragraph 6: Achievements of Ronaldo.

You must write a last closing paragraph, in completion mode, in which you expose a confrontation between the two positions. Try to create a struggle between them for the reader to interest. The conclusion should give a brief and general summary of the most important similarities and differences. It should end with a personal statement, an opinion, and the “why then?”, Which is important about the two things that compare.

It should be left to the readers with the feeling that all the topics of this essay have been collected in a coherent way, that they have learned something and must be sure that this is the end, so as not to look around for pages that are missing.

And, finally, your personal evaluation. In it, you must tell what position you identify with and why you prefer this one and not the other. State your argument taking into account all your previous exposure.


• You must be consistent with the exposure of your ideas.
• Essays are always subjective, so you need to make it clear what position convinces you the most.
• If time is not a problem, the best way to review the essay is to leave it for a day. Go out to stroll, eat something, have fun and forget. Then it’s time to go back to the text, find problems, and solve them. This should be done separately, ie first find all the problems you can without correcting them. While it is tempting to do so at the same time, it is wiser to do it separately. More efficient and faster. In this era, buying essay online is a good choice . you can search easily any information about custom essay online by visiting buyessay.org/custom-essay.

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